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For families with students, it is essential to design a small study in family decoration; Or for those who work outside, it is valuable to experience the flavor of books in their spare time. What kind of study design can make people calm down and read well? You might as well design a DIY study for home decoration. Such a creative home only belongs to you who love to learn. Next, let's take a look at the following study design and decoration renderings with the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network

effect drawing of study design and decoration: DIY small space

the whole is designed with black background wall, which makes the whole space have a calm atmosphere. The storage rack designed by simple support plate has a good storage function. The black support plate on the upper layer is the same color as the background wall. The books placed on it have a feeling of suspension. The clear glass partition in the middle is simple, lively and modern. Under the background wall of the shelf is the computer desk. The color matching of candy neutralizes the dull feeling of black

study design decoration effect picture: DIY small space

bright small windows can introduce bright sunshine into the room, so that the room can have sufficient light, which also meets the learning needs of children. The gray blue background wall with log colored tables, chairs and storage cabinets is simple and elegant enough to calm people down and roam around in the ocean of knowledge. A simple wooden board is used to support the two-layer shelf on the blue background wall, which fully saves space

effect picture of study design and decoration: DIY small space

is the design of seaweed green background wall very fashionable? DIY's bookshelf design is also very creative. The large and small white lattices make this space very artistic, simple and not messy. There is no connected lattice design, which allows items to be placed inside and outside the space, so that the space can be fully used. The same white desk and chair are simple and practical. The desk lamp on the desk is also a good decoration

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