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A detailed explanation of the black technology of doors and windows, a revolutionary new product of imede 2019, and a new atmosphere of Maglev sliding doors in the new year. Imede 2018 has made great progress, and 2019 is even faster. Recently, the revolutionary new generation of sliding door - "magnetic levitation" sliding door has been successfully debugged and listed in glory

the height is 3.5m and the width is 5.08m

the door is large in size and is mostly used in hotels, shops and other occasions. It is generally driven by electricity, which is different from the previous electric sliding doors. This time, Emmett adopts a new black technology and revolutionarily upgrades the entire drive system. Let me explain it in detail below

01 use "electromagnetic" power to drive the door leaf

in the past, the electric sliding door used to drive the door leaf with the hard connection method of belt bite above the door leaf, while the "magnetic levitation" system converts electricity into magnetic power, drives and completes the opening and closing of the door under the control of microcomputer. Its drive does not rely on the physical transmission of belts, gears, etc., but is "isolated"

traditional belt drive

magnetic levitation drive

02 is quieter and longer life

under the "magnetic levitation" drive, there is no hard contact and friction is reduced, so it is quieter, and the reduction of friction naturally prolongs the service life of the door, which will extend the service life of the door by 20 years compared with the traditional electric door

03 anti pinch hand, safer

the traditional electric sliding door is hard driven by a belt. When it is clamped to the finger or body, it still maintains a large driving force, which is easy to be pinched. However, the "magnetic levitation" sliding door has a special anti pinch hand design, which will automatically retreat when the door leaf meets the body, so as to avoid pinching

04 it is light to push and pull when power is off.

the traditional belt driven electric sliding door has to overcome the resistance of the belt and gear when power is off, which is heavy and laborious. The magnetic levitation sliding door is as light as the ordinary non electric sliding door when power is off. At the same time, the magnetic levitation electric sliding door can be connected to UPS power supply to solve the power supply problem of power failure. The power consumption of magnetic levitation is low, so it can be used for a long time when power is off

05 can realize app remote control

maglev sliding door has more technology than you can imagine. It can also be connected to app. When the host is not indoors and a guest wants to come in, you can click app remote control to open the door, which is convenient and safe

oversize + Black technology, witness the excellent processing technology and fashionable R & D strength of yimeide. In the new year, yimeide is bound to be more wonderful

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