The way to break through the encirclement of paint

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"Brand year" is the way for the coating brand to break through

"brand year" is the way for coating brands to break through

july 8, 2020

behind a successful brand, what is needed is a strong support point and perfect post maintenance. Focus on a local area, and then obtain the local leadership. The breakthrough direction of Chinese coating brand is also here

the stone fell on the vase and the vase broke; The vase fell on the stone and broke the paint. This is a Jewish philosopher telling their descendants that they must create a situation where you are a stone and your competitors are vases. To concentrate our combat power on a local area and then take the lead in this area is to form the great wisdom that we are stones and the other is vases. The breakthrough direction of Chinese coating brands also lies in this

in recent years, many enterprises have put forward the concept of "brand year". Therefore, let's talk about the way of brand breakthrough. Other benefits are self-evident

the core value of the brand is "positioning". Any famous brand, even if it is successful because of its brand image, must fit in with a positioning. Marlboro cigarettes succeed in the image of "cowboy world", but it also depends on the positioning of "male filter cigarettes". In the eyes of paint enterprises with only "brand image", there is no hope of success. As there is no "positioning" direction of steel bar (plate) extrusion and experimental guidance, coating enterprises will inevitably get lost in the chaotic advertising and public relations marketing

for many domestic coating enterprises, there is nothing more urgent than establishing "positioning". The great advantage of "positioning" lies in that it makes the brand different from the competitors who compete for China's cathode materials to occupy 43.77% of the global market share, has its own "concept" and accumulates brand value. With the guidance of correct positioning, the promotion will not imitate competitors (or "better" than competitors), but position themselves as different choices - either a new product or with different characteristics. For example, bubagao broke through TCL, Qiaoxing and other machine brands with "cordless", Nongfu mountain spring as "natural water" challenged robust and Wahaha, and the "auction" above e-buy is different from Yahoo and Amazon; Regal is better than other cars in terms of "safety" features. BMW emphasizes "excellent driving performance", while Pepsi Cola is "young" compared with Coca Cola. In the end, "positioning" makes the brand have a distinctive concept. When people generate relevant needs, they often consider them as the first choice to buy. CIMC group, by focusing on the container field, has achieved the first place in the world; Wanxiang has gained absolute advantages in focusing on one part of the automobile, and Chint has gone global in low-voltage electrical appliances; Yuanda is a direct fired air conditioner that focuses on central air conditioning. DuPont industrial bioscience Co., Ltd. said that it has achieved the first place in the world. This is the way for Chinese paint brands to break through

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