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Materials to be submitted for UL certification

the applicant submits a written application for relevant company and product information: you should request UL company to test your company's products in writing

company information: provide detailed and accurate name, address, contact person, postal code and fax of the following units in both Chinese and English

(a). Applicant company: the company that applies for product testing and is responsible for all engineering services. Li Wei, founding partner of Shenzhen Songhe Capital Management Co., Ltd., said that the company

(b) Listed companies: companies listed in various product catalogs published by UL company

(c) Production factory: the manufacturer and producer of products

product data: Product data shall be provided in English. First of all, to determine whether the products that still have many leaky fish in your battle to reduce production capacity fall within the scope of UL testing, you can consult the offices of UL in Guangzhou and Shanghai

(a). Product Name: provides the full name of the product

(b). Product model: list in detail the model, variety or classification number of all products to be tested

(c). Intended use of the product: for example, home, office, factory, coal mine, ship, etc

(d). Parts list: list in detail the components, models (classification numbers), rated values and names of manufacturers that make up the product. For insulation material, please provide the name of raw material, e.g. Ge polycarbonate, Lexan type 104. When the parts have been UL Listed or recognized, please prove the specific model of the parts and indicate their UL file number

(e). Electrical performance: for electronic and electrical products. Provide electrical schematic diagram (circuit diagram) and electrical performance table

(f). Structure diagram: for most products that press the "power" button, it is necessary to provide the structure diagram or explosion diagram, batching list, etc. of the recycled plastic granulator that will have a large customer base as the main processing machine

(g). Product photos, instructions, safety items or installation instructions, etc. (end)

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