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Selection strategy for ceiling decoration gypsum board PK aluminum gusset plate

ceiling is a common decoration project in home decoration. In daily life, we always inadvertently touch the roof, so it is very necessary to make a beautiful ceiling. However, the raw materials for ceiling decoration are very diverse. Which kind of decoration materials is better? Let's compare them together

ceiling decoration materials pk

ceiling decoration materials include mineral wool board, gypsum board, wood board, PVC plastic gusset board, glass, metal, etc., of which the two most commonly used materials are gypsum board and aluminum buckle, which are administrative boards related to various office processes, Bill contracts and other business units

gypsum board vs aluminum gusset board

gypsum board is also divided into many types, including paper gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, fiber gypsum board, hollow gypsum board, etc. The quality of gypsum board is light, it can isolate heat, absorb noise, and it is not flammable. It can also be cut and sawed at will. The decorative effect is relatively good. 5 It has a force holding function, but a rare disadvantage is that it is not moisture-proof. Therefore, gypsum board is generally used as ceiling material for living room, bedroom and study, but not for ceiling decoration of kitchen and bathroom. Now the average price of ceiling made of gypsum board is yuan/m2. Of course, this is related to your choice of ceiling style. It can not be generalized

the sharpness of aluminum gusset plate is relatively simple, mainly including two types of right angle aluminum gusset plate and inclined angle aluminum gusset plate. Aluminum gusset plate can not only prevent fire and moisture, but also prevent corrosion, antistatic, sound absorption and sound insulation. It is a good ceiling material at present. However, aluminum gusset plate ceiling is not as decorative as gypsum board ceiling, and it is not resistant to dirt and easy to deform. Therefore, it is commonly used for ceiling decoration in kitchens and bathrooms. Generally, the average price of aluminum gusset plate decoration is yuan/m2, which varies from city to city, but there is little difference

when selecting ceiling building materials, people will choose them according to different spaces, functions and uses. See how these owners choose ceiling building materials according to different spaces

streamline design of gypsum ceiling

most families in home decoration now choose gypsum board ceiling. These B ∮ 1.588/mm steel ball 980.7 (100) HRB 20 ⑴ 00 ceilings are usually shaped by wood keel, calcium silicate board and plywood, and streamline shaped ceilings are very popular with decoration owners. A 74 square meter Chinese style small duplex building. The ceilings of stairs, living rooms and other places adopt streamlined design. The ceiling of the whole household uses 30 and reduces accidents. X40mm wood keel, Jinfu brand 8mm calcium silicate board, 9mm plywood and other materials. The decoration cost of the whole ceiling is about 10042 yuan

aluminum gusset ceiling is suitable for kitchen and bathroom space

aluminum gusset ceiling is mostly used for kitchen and bathroom decoration, mainly because it has good waterproof and moisture resistance, and it is not abrupt to use aluminum gusset plate as kitchen and bathroom ceiling in large, small or duplex houses, and the cost of aluminum gusset plate ceiling is relatively low

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