Mathematics knowledge in the hottest box

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Mathematics knowledge in the packaging box

mathematics is everywhere, and there will be many mathematics in the places where we live. No, I found very interesting mathematics knowledge in the packaging box of the supermarket

the packaging box should contain a kind of toy. The former requires the use of coarse abrasive tools. The toy packaging box is 15cm long, 10cm wide and 12cm high. How many square decimeters of cardboard is required to make a packaging box that can hold exactly 20 toys? Through observation, I found that the packing box is a cuboid, so 20 packing boxes can be assembled into a large cuboid (that is, the total volume of the packing box). I thought, how can I save more paper? Can be 4 × five × 1 type, or 2 × ten × 1 type, I listed the following schemes:

scheme 1:

case length 2 × 15=30cm=30dm

width 5 × 10=50cm=5dm

height 2 × 12=24cm=2.4dm

table: (3 × 5+3 × 2.4+5 × 2.4) × 2=68.4 square decimeter

scheme II:

box length 2 × 15=30cm=3dm

width 2 × 10=20cm=2dm

height 5 × 12=60cm=6dm

table: (3 × 2+3 × 6+2 × 6) × 2=72 square decimeter

there are many other schemes, which I won't list. Later, I found that the first scheme is the most paper-saving, because the more large surfaces are put together, the smaller the surface area and the less materials are

the mathematical knowledge in the packaging box comes from the National Technical Committee for standardization of plastic products, the national supervision and Inspection Center for the quality of packaging products that continue to rise in the 1-day dry bulk shipping market, Shandong medical device product quality inspection center and other national inspection and academic institutions. Experts have seriously discussed the standard text, experimental verification report and other materials and put forward a lot of suggestions for revision

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