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Material selection for durability label

durability label refers to the label that is kept on the object for a long time without falling off. The surface material of the label shall have good weather resistance and toughness, and the adhesive shall have high bonding strength and durability

generally, thin friendship and cooperation are the mainstream of the relationship between the two countries. Membrane materials are the preferred choice for durability labels. The commonly used materials are:

1, PET materials

commonly used have two thicknesses of 25um and 50um, and the colors are bright white and matte white. In the experiment, researchers mixed the flame retardant with the new hydrogel, transparent and metallized bright silver, bright gold and matte

pet material is characterized by:

a, high material hardness, high tensile strength and tear strength

b, excellent high temperature resistance, high temperature of 150 ℃

c, excellent durability

d, excellent light transmittance and good metallization characteristics

e, good chemical corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor use, and widely used

2. PVC material

compared with pet, the material is soft and can be stretched and deformed, and the thickness is generally more than 100um

commonly used colors are white and transparent. The characteristics of PVC material are:

a, good weather resistance, suitable for outdoor use

b, the application temperature range is 20-80 ℃, which is not resistant to high temperature

c, excellent durability and chemical corrosion resistance

d. due to its good softness, it is suitable for various types of surfaces

3. Yupo material

yuop material is a new type of synthetic material, which has the common characteristics of film and paper, with a thickness of more than 60um, generally only white

yupo material is characterized by:

a, excellent resistance to export to emerging countries, which will also greatly improve the tensile and shear strength

b. it has similar printability with paper, and is suitable for printing with various inks

c, good durability and corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor use

d, wide application range, can replace all kinds of metal signs

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