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Qaidam has rich resources and is suitable for the development of photovoltaic industry. Qaidam, known as the "cornucopia", is the second highest value area in China because of its high altitude, thin atmosphere, low rainfall, low cloud cover rate, annual average sunshine hours of more than 3500 hours, and annual total solar radiation of more than 6800 MJ/m2. At the same time, Qaidam also has 98000 square kilometers of unused land available for photovoltaic power generation construction. It has great potential and bright prospects for the development of solar energy and other new energy industries with the same performance

in recent years, in the face of the new situation of world energy development, we have accelerated the development of new energy photovoltaic industry, which has become the highlight of Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where the Qaidam Basin is located, in adjusting the industrial structure of the project with a total investment of 4.84 billion yuan and vigorously developing circular economy. Under the high attention and correct leadership of the Qinghai provincial Party committee and the Qinghai provincial government, 640000 Qaidam people give full play to their rich resource advantages, seize the favorable opportunity of the national construction of Qaidam circular economy pilot zone, conscientiously implement the 12th Five Year Plan for the solar power generation and photovoltaic industry in Qinghai Province, adhere to the high starting point planning, high-tech R & D, high-efficiency development, led by large groups, supported by large projects The development of photovoltaic industry in clusters and parks has made gratifying achievements

"dare to ask for energy from the sun, and the light reflects the blue half of the sky". Haixi Prefecture actively coordinates and cooperates with the State Grid Qinghai electric power company to scientifically study and formulate the development plan of photovoltaic industry, improve the construction and operation standards, and comprehensively promote the construction of photovoltaic power stations in combination with the actual access carrying capacity of electricity in Haixi region to photovoltaic power stations. In 2011, 23 photovoltaic power stations were completed and put into operation in Golmud region of Haixi Prefecture alone, with an installed capacity of 573 MW, accounting for 57% of the province. In particular, the completion and operation of Golmud 200MW photovoltaic power station in the upper reaches of the Yellow River has become the largest single solar photovoltaic power generation project in the world. On december31,2011, Golmud 330kV juming collection station was officially put into operation, creating a new era in which Qinghai province's power was first connected to the megawatt photovoltaic power generation capacity. Golmud has become a veritable new energy construction demonstration city in China without changing the external size of the spring test machine

by the end of 2011, Haixi Prefecture had invested a total of 12.6 billion yuan, completed and put into operation 40 photovoltaic projects, achieved 913 MW of safety and power generation, and created the "Five" world's largest photovoltaic system projects with the most concentrated solar photovoltaic installations in the world, the largest photovoltaic power station cluster, the largest installation of photovoltaic power stations in the same region in the short term, and the largest scale, and the first million kilowatt photovoltaic power station and power generation in the world. By the end of June this year, the solar photovoltaic industry in Haixi prefecture has achieved a cumulative power generation of 503million kWh and an output value of 578million yuan, accounting for 2.2% of the regional GDP. It is expected that the annual power generation will reach 1.4 billion kWh and an output value of 1.6 billion yuan

the development of photovoltaic industry in Haixi not only provides energy support for the development of other industries, but also helps to improve and optimize the industrial system dominated by circular economy. New materials are the forerunner of the development of material industry, but also drives the development of chemical materials, metallurgy, equipment manufacturing and other industries, and promotes the organic integration of Salt Lake chemical industry, oil and gas chemical industry, coal chemical industry, metallurgy and other emerging industries, It is conducive to the restoration of regional ecological vegetation and the improvement of ecological environment, and is of great significance in energy conservation and emission reduction. It is estimated that Haixi can save 525000 tons of standard coal, 15.3 million tons of carbon dioxide and 5880 tons of sulfur dioxide every year

according to the plan of Qinghai Qaidam Basin solar power generation base, at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, Haixi Prefecture will have 4000 MW of photovoltaic installed capacity, and form a new energy industry system of circular economy focusing on "equipment manufacturing - solar power generation, wind power industry and wind solar complementary, water solar complementary, solar thermal power generation - industrial consumption", Qaidam is expected to become the largest photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation base in China and even in the world. Zhonghua glass () Department

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