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Shida Futures: Rubber morning review (10-15)

rubber (14025, -5 and even have to pay for repair of 85.00, -4.00%, right)

yesterday, Tokyo rubber opened high and went low. The benchmark March contract broke 200 yen, but failed to hold. The main 901 contract of Shanghai Jiao Stock Exchange opened yesterday to ensure the interchangeability and approached the daily limit after hours driven by the multi order entry, but then it was pressured by strong market short positions, falling as low as 14250 yuan within the day, with an increase of 17058 positions. Spot prices continued to fall and transactions were light. At present, the global economic situation is still severe. The demand for rubber in the workflow of rubber electronic tensile testing machine is weak, and the rebound range of Tianjiao oversold is limited. Investors are advised to treat the rebound with caution

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