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Siemens acquires kineo cam, the leader of computer-aided sports software industry.

Siemens recently acquired kineo cam, a leading provider of computer-aided sports software headquartered in Toulouse, France. Kineo cam's solution has been verified and can be connected with user LAN to realize remote data output. It has become one of the components of Siemens' product lifecycle management (PLM) software products. The solution can help customers in different industries maximize production efficiency by optimizing movement, avoiding collision and planning paths. This acquisition will further enhance the computer-aided movement capability of Siemens software products and help Siemens expand its market share. Kineo cam has more than 200 customers worldwide. These customers will continue to be served by Siemens PLM Software (Siemens PLM Software Division) after the acquisition. The relevant purchase agreement was signed last week, and the purchase price will not be disclosed

kineo cam has been committed to developing first-class software solutions and optimizing robot motion and path planning to complete component assembly and disassembly for 12 years since its establishment. Its solutions are widely used in many industrial fields, including automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industries. For example, in the automotive industry, through the kineo CAM software module, automobile manufacturers can make better plans for the installation and disassembly of car seats, instrument panels and other components, so as to facilitate the actual installation and maintenance. In addition, the software module of kineo cam can help optimize the motion and path planning of the robot during its movement

chuck grindstaff, President and CEO of Siemens PLM Software, said: through the acquisition of kineo cam, another advanced technology has been added to our product lifecycle management software portfolio. This technology will help our customers make more informed decisions to avoid risks for their products, and formulate better strategies for production, manufacturing and maintenance. The key components provided by kineo cam have been fully integrated into our core products NX, Teamcenter and tecnomatix. In addition, our open tools (pen tools for printable reports and viewing experimental data) team will also welcome a large number of world-class experts, who will continue to work closely with the product team of Siemens PLM Software and loyal users of kineo CAM technology

kineo CAM software products can be delivered to end users as application software, and can also be provided to cad/cam software manufacturers and OEMs of advanced robot systems as software libraries. Both companies plan to maintain the current product line of kineo cam after the acquisition

Laurent Maniscalco, CEO of kineo cam, said: we are proud and excited to be a member of Siemens, the world software component market leader. Siemens PLM Software, like us, focuses on the global market. Joining Siemens can ensure that we can improve our contacts with existing customers and make more people understand our software technology. We have always maintained a good long-term cooperative relationship with various teams of Siemens PLM Software. This smooth integration will benefit both US and our customers

in recent years, Siemens Industrial Automation Group has achieved the acquisition of a number of software enterprises and consolidated its leading position in the industrial software market through this move. All the acquired enterprises are leading suppliers in their respective product fields, including UGS (American company, acquired in 2007), Innotec (German company, acquired in 2008), Elan software system, which automatically calculates the arithmetic mean s of 10 samples after the experiment (French company, acquired in 2009), active tecnologia EM Sistemas de automa?? O (Brazilian company, acquired in 2011), vistagy (American company, acquired in 2011), IBS Ag (German company, acquired in 2012), perfect costing solutions GmbH (German company, acquired in 2012) and vrcontext international S.A. (Belgian company, acquired in 2012)

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