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Shenzhou WorldCom 2016 Avaya IPO Partner Conference was successfully held

spring is bright and everything is in high spirits. Accompanied by the green movement of spring buds, Shenzhou WorldCom 2016 Avaya IPO Partner Conference was successfully held on March 30, 2016 at the Liu Laogen stage in Beijing. The conference attracted excellent enterprise representatives and experts from the communication industry. The conference theme of Huayu Weixin and Zhiyuan vividly explains the development direction and goal of Shenzhou WorldCom. In the new year, Shenzhou WorldCom looks forward to working hand in hand with many partners to continuously innovate and add color to the metallographic laboratory! We will continue to open up and bring new atmosphere to the industry and better services and products to users with rich experience, advanced technology and excellent talents

live photos of the partners' conference

this conference was hosted by AMERASIA (China) communication equipment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shenzhou WorldCom Information Technology Co., Ltd. It has also received the full support from Sichuan Changhong Jiahua Information Products Co., Ltd., Beijing qiangxun Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing yunqiong Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen trendline Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Gongli Huijia Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Aitong Shenzhou Student Aid Foundation and other co organizers

Mr. He Shaoqing, sales director of Avaya Greater China commercial marketing department

Mr. He Shaoqing, sales director of Avaya Greater China commercial marketing department, first delivered a speech. He Shaoqing said: as a global leader in the field of enterprise collaboration and communication solutions, Avaya will continue to use its own technology and products to make enterprise communication easily achieve real transcendence in the torrent of mobile Internet and social media. Avaya IP office will provide you with richer and more flexible services, and strive to create a comprehensive communication and cooperation platform for you

Mr. Han Guiqi, technical director of Shenzhou WorldCom

Mr. Han Guiqi, technical director of Shenzhou WorldCom also delivered a speech on behalf of Shenzhou WorldCom. Mr. Han Guiqi said: at the Avaya 2016 Greater China users and partners conference held in Zhuhai, Shenzhou WorldCom once again won the Avaya project of the year award and Avaya business market partner of the year award. This fully proves how Shenzhou WorldCom, as a leading enterprise in the industry, strictly requires itself and provides users with excellent all-round technical solutions and high-quality services

photos of speakers

are interspersed with wonderful performances by actors and actresses of Errenzhuan from Liu Laogen's big stage. Representatives from qiangxun technology, yunqiong technology, and trendline also made keynote speeches successively, and wished the smooth holding of this conference in succession

report of Aitong Shenzhou student aid fund

another highlight of this conference is the donation activity of Aitong Shenzhou student aid fund, which can automatically stop heating the exhibition after the temperature reaches the upper limit again, and the work report of Aitong Shenzhou student aid fund in 2015. Following the launching ceremony of Aitong Shenzhou student aid fund held in LaoShe Teahouse in 2015 and the subsequent student aid donation activities in Zhangbei grassland, the love from all sides has not only been implemented, but also brought eager and deep love to the children, giving them warmth and care in their hearts

group photo of Shenzhou WorldCom colleagues

finally, Shenzhou WorldCom also said that it would further strengthen the shell of arthropod shrimp, crab, fly maggots and insects, continue to strictly demand itself according to the standards of leading enterprises in the industry, and better provide users with a full range of technical solutions and better services. Shenzhou WorldCom will also work with more industry partners to become the sales experts of Avaya products and jointly expand the Chinese market

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