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Shenzhen lighting engineering design class a qualification transfer equity

Shenzhen lighting engineering design class a qualification transfer equity

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Shenzhen lighting engineering design class a qualification transfer equity

Zhanghe Yonghao Construction Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. focuses on construction enterprise qualification services, and has set up companies in Wuhan, Hubei, Guangzhou, Guangdong and Nanjing, Jiangsu, With a unique perspective, rich experience and high cost performance advantages in the industry, the company serves the national construction industry. With an experienced, rigorous and high-quality work team, the company provides high-quality and efficient services to thousands of construction enterprises every year. With senior professionals and good social resources, the company can quickly solve all kinds of difficult problems encountered by enterprises for you

the main business scope includes: qualification transfer agent, qualification certificate equity change agent, qualification stripping procedure agent, safety licensing new agent and qualified talent recruitment agent; Qualification transfer: construction qualification transfer, design qualification transfer, general contracting qualification transfer of construction engineering, general contracting qualification transfer of municipal public engineering construction, general contracting qualification transfer of highway engineering construction, general contracting qualification transfer of water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, general contracting qualification transfer of power engineering construction, general contracting qualification transfer of electromechanical engineering construction. Professional contracting qualification transfer of foundation engineering, professional contracting qualification transfer of hoisting equipment installation engineering, professional contracting qualification transfer of electronic and intelligent engineering, professional contracting qualification transfer of fire-fighting facilities engineering, professional contracting qualification transfer of waterproof, anti-corrosion and insulation engineering, professional contracting qualification transfer of bridge engineering, professional contracting qualification transfer of Tunnel Engineering, professional contracting qualification transfer of steel structure engineering Transfer of professional contracting qualification of formwork scaffold, building decoration and decoration engineering, building electromechanical installation engineering, curtain wall engineering, urban and road lighting engineering, highway pavement engineering, highway subgrade engineering, water conservancy and hydropower electromechanical installation engineering Transfer of professional contracting qualification for river and lake regulation projects, transfer of professional contracting qualification for power transmission and transformation projects, transfer of professional contracting qualification for environmental protection projects, and transfer of construction labor qualification

qualification standard

the qualification standard for construction enterprises is divided into three parts: the qualification level standard for general construction contracting enterprises includes four categories, which are generally divided into four levels (special level, first level, second level and third level); The qualification level standard of professional contracting enterprises includes categories, which are generally divided into three levels (Level 1, level 2 and level 3). The qualification of labor subcontracting enterprises is not classified and graded


with the development of society, there are more and more buildings, and more enterprises with construction qualifications are needed to carry out construction, because qualified enterprises can ensure the safety and quality of construction, and let customers rest assured

as we all know, if an enterprise has no construction qualification, it is difficult to survive among so many qualified enterprises. Moreover, customers mainly look at the qualification when they look at the enterprise. As a necessary proof of a construction enterprise, qualification plays a very important role and is the first choice of customers

if an enterprise has many constructors and qualified constructors, and the enterprise itself has no construction qualification, compared with an enterprise, there are not many architects, but with qualifications, customers will definitely choose the latter. Why? As we all know, construction qualification is very important, because qualification is not available

architects are mobile, and many people can do it. They can also be recruited or applied for. It is not very difficult. Enterprises without many architects now do not mean that there will be no architects in the future. Architects have no great impact on an enterprise, but architectural qualifications have a great impact

now many companies are actively dealing with construction qualification, because construction qualification is too important for an enterprise. Enterprises with construction qualification are rare, so many enterprises are doing it, but they can't do it smoothly

in fact, if a company has construction qualification, then the constructor must also be willing to work, because with construction qualification, it can attract more architects, receive more construction tasks, and have more development prospects

not long ago, the growth of domestic construction engineering has improved in recent years. The qualification of construction engineering has been popular all over the country, and the separate transfer and sale of construction engineering qualification has also increased every year! However, in the operation process of construction qualification transfer and sales, there is no lack of fraud on the part of the acquirer? What harm does the acquisition do to the transfer process of engineering qualification? The criticality is so high, why is it so obvious that so many public institutions tend to directly acquire the overall transferred construction engineering qualification! For the transfer of engineering qualification, the acquirer will face up to the crisis: debt crisis, poor management of the construction company, and love to enter all kinds of debt questions without paying attention! If the construction engineering qualification unit of Yuanyuan has debt infection, although it can be confirmed by the overall transfer, the difficulty is that if the original construction qualification team cannot repay the debt level, the acquirer is very easy to help repay the debt, which is the basic principle left by the construction company! In case of emergency, if the original engineering qualification team has money to default and fails to pay taxes regularly, it will be put into the super list by businessmen and businessmen. Enterprises like this are not easy to open, so we must worry! The harm of the brand of infrastructure products and the specific hidden dangers of the original engineering qualification unit in the supervision brand are all unforeseen. Of course, it will also be terminated by words, but if a worse practice is born, the original shareholders will lose their fighting power in Nicaragua, which will be detrimental to the Commission of the current enterprise. The invalidity of the qualification certificate of construction engineering is critical. The acquirer received the full original qualification unit in order to win the qualification of construction engineering, so it undertakes the corresponding business. If the qualification certificate is not subject to the annual inspection immediately, is not within the * validity period of *, and is not good enough to bring it, the gain is not worth the loss! The overall transfer of urban construction qualification of highway companies has advantages: there are not many qualification certificates, and the handling of construction engineering qualification must start from * the level III engineering qualification carried by the liquid medicine, which is not limited to the scope of urban management business. There are great problems, and the extravagant promotion of the grade also needs to be confirmed with the real cost sales volume. In addition, the passing rate of upgrading the second grade of construction qualification to the first grade is very low, and there are many procedures! Taking it as an example, you can reclaim higher-level construction qualification! It saves more time. The qualification agency is difficult to dress up the student certificate, prepare the plate, and then report the materials. It takes time * less three or four days, more than half a year. And the construction qualification of construction engineering is transferred separately. If it is negotiated unilaterally, the equity transfer will be successful in five weeks! With 100% qualification, the registration and assessment of housing construction qualification is becoming more and more strict, and the passing rate is greatly reduced. A slight error in the plate may make the handling of engineering qualification stink. The transfer of engineering qualification first allows the transferee to obtain the construction qualification it wants. Happy to carry out the separation and transfer of operation and management personnel, construction engineering qualification, and after the acquirer receives it, the Department can speed up the development of the enterprise according to the information of the original qualified company or open management personnel within the time of speed. And the deep and long-term accumulation of the original team can also be said to lay a good source foundation for the upgrading of water conservancy and hydropower qualification from level 3 to level 2 in the future! The qualification agency must rely on the engineering qualification of the Department, and concentrate from the beginning! Difficulties in upgrading engineering and construction qualifications: the differences between different qualification levels in the restrictions on projects that can be undertaken are increasingly reduced. As we have seen before, so friends all say that "the awareness of qualification PK has weakened", and the awareness of engineering qualification PK does not need to be cautious. In fact, it is not. After the distribution of the new article, the assessment code for the secondary qualification of construction engineering has been strengthened fiveorsix times. In the visible agency sequence of the industry, it is also more common to feel that the upgrading of the general contractor qualification from the third grade to the second grade is even more problematic. When registering engineering qualification for the first time, the supervision of unit amount is changed to the supervision of sales volume of project management managers. It is easy to know in the new standards without paying attention. Basically, the legitimacy of the intermediate level of Qualification Authority in each category has confirmed that it is obvious that the efficiency of supply and adjustment quality of highway construction enterprises and the sales volume of each company must be filed with the construction commission. Obviously, when municipal construction enterprises want to upgrade their construction qualification from level 3 to level 2, the sales volume of public institutions is very easy and may be important to observe. China market social security federation, social security if we let the domestic social security federation, the sensitivity based on repeated human certificates many years ago will no longer exist. Housing construction groups expect to obtain qualifications and undertake projects, and they must find a large number of their own construction enterprises. In that case, companies without my own talent department may be blocked in qualification difficulties, and there is no way to obtain engineering qualification. The annual review of engineering qualification is renamed as "dynamic verification". For the group that has obtained the qualification, the annual review that stops once in summer is renamed as "dynamic verification" of construction qualification. "Dynamic verification" * successful bridge breaking aluminum anti-theft is always * fast time verification is corrected to irregular verification. In order to improve the construction qualification and upgrade the agent cure rate, we need to pay attention to many specific things. Generally speaking, there is a trace of materials, to the tips of material selection and examination paper formation, white-collar social security and reassurance licenses, to obtain various priorities of engineering qualification declaration and agency, and so on, If such things are excellent, the next step is to truly improve the cure rate of the qualification process. However, the unit cost has injected quality energy and time. Compared with the construction qualification handling service company, it may not succeed in drinking a glass of water, which may affect the quality of the company, that is, the construction part with a large gap and persistence

based on the resource and environmental problems in the accelerated development of urbanization in China in recent years, this paper analyzes the urgency and necessity of the huge stock of domestic building energy consumption and the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings. This paper analyzes the existing building energy-saving transformation market from three aspects: the potential composition of existing building energy-saving transformation, the driving force of existing building energy-saving transformation and the mode of existing building energy-saving transformation... The transfer and acquisition of municipal engineering qualifications are very common in the construction industry, and there are many kinds of transfers. Some companies will specially register such qualified company transfers, There are also some transfers due to the operation of the company. In either case, the transfer of construction qualification should be handled according to the process., From the above phenomena, it can be seen that the construction site safety management of construction projects is an important part of the overall project management of enterprises, which plays a very important role and significance, and belongs to a link that cannot be ignored in the project. Therefore, we must pay strong attention and attention to it.

not long ago, with the addition of construction engineering business in the Chinese market and social development, the qualification of construction projects has been highly sought after by the state, The overall transfer transaction of construction engineering qualification has also increased year by year! However, only in the process of selling, supplying and purchasing construction engineering qualifications, many acquirers were deceived

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