Hottest shrink film and design case analysis

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Heat shrinkable film and design case analysis (Part 1)

design behavior is the source of product production, and the work of designers is changing people's lives. As a carrier of information transmission, packaging works through the transmission mode of human (designer) - material (commodity packaging) - human (consumer). Therefore, the promotion of commodity packaging moderation should focus on packaging design

at present, some commodities are prone to luxurious and large packaging, and the determination of packaging capacity does not refer to consumer demand for blind positioning. Among them, the production enterprises lack macro environmental awareness, which is composed of polyurethane gel and natural cork from biological sources. It is also because enterprises blindly believe that "large, expensive and Chinese" packaging is a good packaging that attracts consumers and is easy to promote sales, and subjective assumptions replace scientific market research, Or blindly follow the volume of other products in the market, without in-depth investigation of target users, especially the lack of research on lifestyle and lifestyle. On the one hand, it has formed a large number of excessive packaging, on the other hand, it also makes the enterprise itself lose the opportunity to explore the market

people with different lifestyles must have different requirements for commodity packaging. At this level, the focus of commodity packaging is no longer the care for things, but the care for people. Therefore, in the investigation and research in the planning stage, compared with the operation at the technical level, the research on life forms and lifestyles has become a more important content. Only in this way can commodity packaging be targeted, that is, the moderation of different standards

1. Research on lifestyle and lifestyle

before packaging design, we should get the basis of commodity packaging positioning through a large number of market research and analysis. It is becoming a dangerous behavior for designers (or business decision makers) to replace objective investigation with their own judgment of consumers. We believe that in the research stage, designers should fully communicate with enterprises and consumers. In addition to conducting research on products, sales objects and sales channels, they should also add research on new lifestyles and lifestyles to carry out market segmentation and positioning of packaging design. With the accession to the WTO and the acceleration of the marketization process, the consumer market will more reflect the trend of diversification and diversification. Therefore, the research on lifestyle and lifestyle is becoming an increasingly important market research content of product production and packaging design

low industry concentration (1) the impact of lifestyle and lifestyle on interest segmentation variables

segmentation variables refer to the basis for product market segmentation, such as user status, income, etc. Interest segmentation variables are summarized according to the different interests pursued by buyers, such as the durability and fashion of watches

in the positioning analysis of products and their packaging, we describe the structure of the biodegradable material segment market operated by the wholly-owned subsidiary of tree industry environmental protection according to the segmentation variables such as consumer behavior and Psychology (including interests), and then summarize the lifestyle of groups in the segment market, so as to form a deeper understanding of the packaging volume preference of consumers in the segment market, So that product packaging can communicate with consumers more effectively, and then provide them with appropriate volume of product packaging

consumers' consumption preferences are closely combined with interest segmentation variables, while lifestyle and lifestyle have a subtle impact on interest demands. For example, by subdividing the lifestyle and interests of the hand cream market in the cosmetics industry (Table 1), we can understand the characteristics of the market segment, the brands preferred by consumers (major competitive brands) and the corresponding packaging volume

if an enterprise wants to launch a new hand cream, through the analysis of the market segment table, designers can find new benefit segments and launch a packaging volume suitable for this segment. For example, a new benefit division is added to the existing benefit segmentation - hand cream that can relieve skin discomfort, promote cell metabolism and skin rejuvenation (both medical and cosmetic benefits), and its package can be set in medium and small capacities (for example, 40 grams is suitable for consumers holding and trying, or 90 grams is suitable for people with seasonal skin discomfort, and 90 grams is suitable for pursuing cosmetic benefits), At the same time, we can consider adding a layer of packaging (there is only one layer of packaging for hand cream in the market at present) design, or distinguishing the container shape (the container form of hand cream is relatively simple at present), so as to confirm the difference of brand characteristics

(2) new requirements for packaging volume due to changes in lifestyle and lifestyle

the era is developing. Changes in lifestyle have contributed to new markets, brought opportunities for production enterprises to develop new products, and also put forward new plans for the corresponding product packaging design. From the perspective of moderate packaging, the study of new lifestyle has practical reference value for the determination of commodity packaging volume. We can see the importance of packaging designers' rapid capture of life forms from examples

example 1: for the fast-paced lifestyle, many commodities have appeared convenient small packaging design, among which the clean vegetable packaging in the supermarket is the closest to daily life. Through the addition of manual services such as vegetable cleaning and finishing, the value of commodities is improved. The packaging capacity adopted is also more suitable for one-time consumption, and the packaging is simple and convenient for operation. Although the price of vegetables (relative to the market) has increased, they are still very popular with consumers

example 2: some parents pay attention to cultivating children's autonomy and health habits. He said that as a result, some enterprises have designed 237ml (half pint) small bottles of water for children, and increased straps to facilitate children's carrying, which has increased a lot of interest market space

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