Hottest Shida futures rubber morning review 0731

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Shida Futures: Rubber morning review ()

rubber (25745535.00,2.12%, right)

affected by the overnight crude oil price decline, Japanese rubber weakened yesterday, breaking below the minimum stress of 0 yen in the yield stage of 33, testing the support level of 320 yen. The pattern of Shanghai Jiaotong's near strong and far weak continued, and the 811 contract continued to be weak yesterday. At present, 25 Ping mine has 16200 registered employees, with 000 yuan of front-line support. The 809 contract closed up 305 points, and the position decreased by more than 5000 hands. It is expected that the position will continue to shrink today. The third spot strength and low inventory limit the decline of 811, so it is recommended to wait and see

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