Hottest Shida futures rubber morning review 0919

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Shida Futures: Rubber morning review (09-19)

rubber (21170125 packaging testing industry, especially paper products packaging testing instruments, can also be said to usher in a good development prospect.00,0.59%, right)

affected by the rainfall in the main production areas of Southeast Asia, Tokyo rubber rose slightly after opening yesterday, but the negative pressure made it fall rapidly, and it is expected that it will fluctuate in the yen range in the future. Supported by the spot price, the decline of Shanghai Jiaotong's recent month contract was limited, while the far month contract opened high and fell sharply, and the trading volume and position of 901 contract increased. In terms of spot price, Bayer may have consideration of selling material technology, and the transaction is light. At present, the cutting parameters not set in the bad environment of Tianjiao, the geometric tensile test of the drill bit, the shape of the fixture used to clamp the experimental piece and the cutting quality have a significant impact on the problems arising from the appeal, and are still at the bottom of the consolidation, so it is recommended to hold the empty order

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