Hottest Shida futures rubber morning review 0715

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Shida Futures: Rubber morning review (07-15)

rubber (27300, -285.00, -1.03%, right)

rijiao weakened yesterday, and the benchmark contract fluctuated between the 5-10 average for nearly two weeks, with a dilemma. A large number of positions have been shifted in Shanghai Jiaotong. The main 809 contract is approaching delivery. Yesterday, the trading volume was significantly reduced by nearly 150000 hands, and the positions were reduced by more than 20000 hands. The funds were shifted to 0811 contract. On the fundamentals, the rubber tapping proceeded smoothly, and the spot price remained high, with obvious stagflation. The market lacks information guidance, and it is recommended to wait and see or short-term operation. Figure 1 Dynesys dynamic stability system

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