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Introduction to Ishikawa island Zhongjun 2013 annual supplier conference

in order to thank suppliers for their support and trust and strengthen cooperative relations, Ishikawa island Zhongjun company held the 2013 annual major supplier Conference on December 27, 2013, which was attended by 56 representatives of core suppliers and Ishikawa island Zhongjun manufacturers from 30 countries. First meeting

in order to thank the suppliers for their support and trust and strengthen the cooperative relationship, Ishikawa island Zhongjun company held the 2013 annual main supplier meeting on December 27, 2013, which was attended by 56 representatives of core suppliers and Ishikawa island Zhongjun manufacturers from 30 countries all over the country

the meeting first arranged for suppliers to visit the Shichuan Island Zhongjun production workshop and the product display of various models. The neat and orderly production site left a deep impression on everyone

at the meeting, sasamoto, chairman of ishikawashima Zhongjun, delivered a welcome speech: thank the suppliers for their trust and support! Ishikawashima Zhongjun will always adhere to the business philosophy of "mutual trust and common development with customers and suppliers"; In his speech, Yang zeyong, vice chairman of ishikawashima Zhongjun, made an in-depth analysis of the development situation and policies of small excavation markets at home and abroad, and introduced the growth process of ishikawashima Zhongjun; Ying Daolin, general manager of ishikawashima Zhongjun, thoroughly analyzed the relationship between manufacturers and suppliers in combination with the current industry situation: emphasizing that the healthy operation of manufacturers under high magnification of electron microscope or optical microscope is the premise and guarantee of the stability of the supply system. In the future, the market will tend to be rational and moderate growth. Users will pay more attention to the quality of products and the value of the whole life cycle. The machine will be restored and the value of the on-site period will be liquidated. The enterprise competition will be more concentrated in the competition of the supply chain. Ishikawashima Zhongjun hopes to build a supply platform to bring more excellent suppliers together, By establishing a fair and just supplier access and supplier evaluation system, we can gather a number of "community of interests" that can coexist with Ishikawa Zhongjun in a win-win way, and strengthen the integration effect of the supply chain and enhance competitiveness through the four dimensions of "quality, cost, delivery time and service". Ishikawashima Zhongjun has always adhered to the policy of steady operation, and has achieved steady sales growth and financial health in the case of market downturn. In the future, ishikawashima Zhongjun will strengthen the development of new products, grasp the development opportunities of small excavation, work together with suppliers, and create greater value in cooperation

then Huang Zhilong, deputy manager of Shichuan Island Zhongjun production management department, Luo Weifeng, manager of quality management department, and Dai Xufeng, manager of Technology Department, made a detailed ppt introduction to supplier management measures, 2013 technical development work bulletin and 2013 quality work bulletin respectively; Finally, the supplier representative made a speech on the day of the presentation. Shinzo Qingshui, the Minister of technology of zbotsk, and Zeng Feng, the general manager of Chinese funded Xiamen Yulong, respectively introduced that quality control and equipment can also work normally within the scope, reducing costs and improving efficiency. The meeting was held in a harmonious atmosphere. Through this meeting, we can not only deepen mutual understanding, but also enhance mutual cooperation feelings, so as to cooperate more closely

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