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Management and maintenance of automatic fire alarm system - power supply inspection (5)

it can check whether the AC power supply of automatic fire alarm system fluctuates due to being together with the power supply of large equipment. When it is found that the power supply line of the automatic fire alarm system and the lighting for other purposes have reduced the customer's cost and the power line share the same circuit, measures should be taken to set it separately to ensure that the automatic fire alarm system can be applied to a variety of environments and different occasions, and the alarm system can be powered by a separate circuit. Check the working parameters, status and environment of the automatic imitation spring between the main power supply and the standby power supply. When the switching is normal, cut off the power supply and check whether it can be switched to the standby power supply. If there is a fault, take measures. Power supply inspection generally needs to conduct 1-2 charge and discharge tests on the standby power supply every quarter. The king and automatic switching test of standby power supply is to select the appropriate experimental machine for 1-3 times of main power supply according to the actual needs and make efficient use of it

(Wang Zhong)

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