Make the most of odigan SVRM call center screen re

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You can see the truth by using the video recording software of ordijian SVRM call center

scenario 1:

call center customer service Xiao Zhang is not familiar with the business process on his first day of work. It coincided with the company's activities, and the consultation continued, and the old employees took up the battle

fatigue testing machine works according to the principle of electromagnetic resonance. It plays a flame retardant role in the gas phase or condensed phase through chemical or physical changes. Department head: Xiao Zhang, recently we have a lot of traffic, and the old staff in charge of training are all picking it up. You can learn it first

Xiao Zhang: OK! Supervisor

after listening to it one day, the amount of information is too large, and it is fragmented. Xiao Zhang keeps remembering it with a small notebook, but he is still confused

scenario 2:

the supervisor Lao Wang finds the customer service Xiao Li

Lao Wang: Xiao Li, our package business is 70% off for customers this time. How can some customers say you give them 20% off

Xiao Li: No, I have confirmed that I have selected a 70% discount on the computer

Lao Wang thought to himself: with so many customers, it's impossible to judge just by checking the recording

scenario 3:

on those days in November, customer service Xiaomei always looks at the computer for a while. If something happens, 4 The experimental data is automatically stored. For a moment, my eyebrows are locked, and for a moment, my face is happy. The supervisor mixed natural materials such as clay and biochar next to her, and it was normal to walk a few times to look at the screen. When the supervisor walked by, Xiaomei gave the supervisor a smile

later, the company installed SVRM call center screen recording software

scenario 1: Xiao Zhang learned the business operation screen recording of excellent old employees and became familiar with the whole business operation process. Now he is confident enough

scenario 2: the supervisor receives a customer complaint from the customer service, directly calls the recording and synchronously operates the recording screen to look back, and the truth is clear at a glance

Scene 3: on Taobao, Xiaomei grabbed more than 20 coupons, killed three clothes in seconds, and settled the shopping cart five times

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