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Titanium dioxide enterprises look forward to business opportunities with the advent of golden nine and silver ten

recently, titanium dioxide manufacturers' survival mentality in the cost line is close to the limit, and the price support mood is getting stronger. The small-scale rise of national producers will bring positive incentives to other domestic producers. In the short term, the golden nine and silver ten may become a good opportunity for national manufacturers to look forward to the recovery for a long time

domestic listed titanium dioxide enterprises include: CNNC titanium dioxide, Bailian, anada and Jinpu titanium industry. They are the hard plunger in the domestic titanium dioxide industry, which is blocked in motion, etc; From the published semi annual report, we can see the epitome of the entire titanium dioxide industry. Since the first half of 2013, the market demand has been weak, the low-end capacity has been surplus, the prices of sponge titanium and titanium concentrate have continued to fall, and the prices of titanium products have always been running at a low level. In addition, affected by the shortage of domestic liquidity funds, the consumption demand of titanium products, industry investment has been restrained, downstream demand is not booming, and exports have fallen sharply, resulting in a decline in the net profits of four titanium dioxide listed companies in the country in the first half of the year, Finally, the domestic titanium dioxide market continued to be depressed

the performance of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises was poor, and there was a situation of rising and falling in the market in August. In late August, East China and China became manufacturers of thin-walled parts in central and southwest China, and slightly increased their quotations. Rutile and anatase titanium dioxide increased by yuan/ton, and the price remained stable at around 14600 yuan/ton. The main reasons for the price increase are: in the early stage, some enterprises limited production in a large area, and the operating rate was only 30%; In addition, due to the shortage of goods caused by equipment maintenance, coupled with the recent environmental protection pressure, the market of some brand products is gradually lacking, and homogeneous products rise when the opportunity arises. The changes in the market have a great relationship with the traditional peak sales season and psychological factors. The golden nine and silver ten have arrived, and the downturn situation of titanium dioxide market may pick up

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