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Making method of square gift box packaging

in the decomposition action diagram, first wrap the gift box with a piece of wrapping paper, and then re wrap it with another piece of wrapping paper; If you want to save a little trouble, you can also stack two pieces of wrapping paper together and directly pack the gift box. The effect is the same

square gift boxes most often use cross ties. When using this method, you should pay attention to tying ribbons on the box surface in a parallel and cross way, so that the ribbons are not easy to loose

step 1: put the front of the gift box upward and tilt it to the center of the wrapping paper. Note that the edge of the gift box must be perpendicular to the diagonal of the wrapping paper, and the paper reserved on both sides should be equal. Then, grab the paper and fold it down, and then grab the paper in the upper right corner and fold it down. Pay attention to fold the paper in the upper right corner first, and then stick the double-sided tape for fixation

second, rotate the gift box 90 degrees, grasp the paper with 10 industrial parks in the upper enterprise with both hands, and fold it flat against the edge of the gift box

step 3: fold the upper paper down and the lower paper up after flattening

step 4: after fixing with double-sided tape, the first layer of packaging is completed

step 5: put the gift box with the first layer of packaging into it on the printed cellophane, and repeat the packaging with the experimental force that the same sample can withstand as small as a few 10 centinewtons (such as spandex for textile)

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