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According to preliminary statistics, after the implementation of process informatization, the efficiency of process planning has increased by 30% - 40%, and the chassis parts processed by numerical control have increased from 40% to 97%, while the production efficiency after the realization of numerical control processing has generally increased by 3-5 times compared with the traditional processing methods, especially with numerical control plasma cutting, the processing efficiency has increased by more than 10 times, and the material utilization rate has increased from 50% to 80%; The pass rate of one-time delivery inspection increased by 1.73%, reaching 99.93%

China Sanjiang Aerospace Group Wanshan Special vehicle manufacturing plant (hereinafter referred to as Wanshan plant) is a heavy-duty special off-road vehicle parts processing and assembly plant, and one of China's 500 largest machinery industry enterprises. The factory has more than 1400 sets of various processing equipment, and has strong manufacturing and quality assurance capabilities of large mechanical products such as machining, welding, casting, forging, gear processing, mold, etc. In particular, since 2000, the technological transformation project with an investment of nearly 140million has added more than 300 sets of high-precision and sophisticated CNC equipment, machining centers, testing equipment and instruments, making it one of the most advanced CNC machining centers in China

with the continuous popularization and promotion of computer application, in order to adapt to the fierce market competition, the factory has continuously introduced advanced management ideas and management methods, built an internal local area, connected with the group wide area, purchased and comprehensively promoted the application of Kaimu capp/bom/edm, pro/e and other software, improved process preparation and NC programming means, and configured Kaimu PDM system in combination with the needs to solve the problem of process management. The full implementation of process informatization has greatly improved the process technology and process management level of the factory, shortened the product development, development and production cycle, and improved the processing and manufacturing level and product quality. Taking this as a breakthrough point, it led to the overall informatization construction of the factory, and finally became one of the top 500 enterprises in China's enterprise informatization in 2003. It is also the only non collectivized state-owned factory

I. the background of implementing process informatization

(I) the development of the factory requires process informatization

the factory is a product oriented enterprise. For a long time, the zero position instability mode of product specification has been maintained at a relatively stable level. Since 2000, the production task has doubled. In order to achieve the goals of speed, quality, cost and benefit, the factory has begun large-scale technological transformation, After the transformation, the production capacity has been increased by more than 4 times, which greatly lags behind the process and management matching the original production capacity. The factory carefully analyzed the contradiction between modern equipment and many backward means. On the basis of adhering to the principle of "overall planning, step-by-step implementation, key breakthroughs, and benefit driven", it proposed to take the construction of process informatization as a breakthrough, carry out the construction of CAPP, cam, PDM and other systems, and fully implement process informatization in the factory

(II) existing problems

before the factory starts to implement informatization, after analyzing the process preparation and process management of the factory, we believe that the following problems need to be solved:

1 The efficiency of process preparation is low

the process technical documents of the factory are basically completed with the help of Excel and word, which is inefficient. Most of the work of the technologist is repetitive work, and the technologist does not have enough energy to devote to process improvement and new process research

2. The utilization rate of process resources is not high

in the process of development, the factory has gradually accumulated various process resources, such as various process equipment and typical processing technology; When preparing the process, the process resources are opaque and not shared, which makes it very difficult to find, resulting in low utilization of process resources

3. An important work of process design is to submit various summary lists, such as supporting parts list, standard parts list, process route list, material consumption quota, process equipment summary, etc. at present, the factory mainly adopts manual completion of various summary lists. Manual summary is inefficient, error prone and cumbersome, especially for products with many variants, especially for report statistics

4. There is also an "information island" among technology departments

the information between product design and process design is not integrated, and the design CAD drawing information of the product design department cannot be effectively used in process design

5. The management of process documents is chaotic

a large number of process documents accumulated by enterprises in the process of product production preparation used only the file management function provided by the operating system after years of development. All documents are stored in their own computers or file servers and maintained by different people, often resulting in multiple backups of the same design document, which is very detrimental to the version control, borrowing management and change management of parts and components

6. It is difficult to master the process preparation plan

in the past, the technical department of the factory has been managed by the traditional paper plan management method. After the plan is issued, it cannot always grasp the progress of the project, and cannot realize the visual and dynamic control of product development or project progress and working status

7. The efficiency of checking and signing process documents is low

the process approval and signing needs to go through the processes of design, proofreading, review, countersignature, standard inspection and distribution. These works are still based on manual transmission and management, and lack of effective computer-aided management ability, which affects the efficiency of team members' collaborative work

8. The version, change and printing of process documents are difficult to control

the changes of computer drawings and files are traceless, and the electronic information cannot be version controlled and stored. It is difficult to query and count change orders. The revised version of the drawing can only be managed manually, and the same errors occur repeatedly. After many modifications, there are multiple versions, and the version management is chaotic; Multiple versions of documents bring great inconvenience to the maintenance of product data in the future; Electronic drawings are printed casually and cannot be consistent with paper drawings

9. Manual programming of NC machining is inefficient and risky

manual programming is easy to make mistakes when processing a large number of complex data, and some even cannot be programmed manually; Manual programming cannot simulate the processing process, which increases the risk of trial cutting and increases the manufacturing cost

II. Overall planning and implementation methods

(I) overall planning of process informatization

we divide the above problems into two categories, one is the problems that need to be solved urgently (except for problems 6, 7 and 8), and the other is the problems that do not need to be solved urgently (problems 6, 7 and 8 and the new requirements emerging in the informatization process). The implementation may be more effective if the conditions are met. According to the basic principles of informatization implementation, we propose to implement CAPP, cam and PDM systems in two steps to solve the above two kinds of problems respectively

the first step is to implement a part of CAPP, cam system and PDM system, solve the problems that need to be solved urgently, and achieve the following goals:

1 Improve the efficiency of process preparation and reduce repetitive work

2. Realize the sharing of process resources

3. Realize the automatic summary of process information

4. Automatic extraction and utilization of design information (graphics and attributes) during process preparation

5. Realize the unified management of process documents and product structure tree management

6. Realize the software programming of NC machining program

the second step is to fully implement the PDM system and establish a department level parallel working environment to achieve the following goals:

1 Realize the project (task) management of process preparation

2. Realize the management of process document review and signing process

3. Realize the authority management of the change, version and printing of process documents

4. Realize the exchange and sharing of process data, management and production data

5. With the promotion of informatization, there are new demands

(II) implementation method of process informatization

1 The establishment of Process Informatization Leading Group and project implementation group

process informatization construction is a first-hand project, and it is impossible to make great progress without the full support and personal participation of the first-hand. The factory has set up a process informatization leading group with the factory director as the team leader and a project implementation team with the chief engineer as the team leader, and has carried out a reasonable division of responsibilities for each project participant in the team, ensuring that there are sufficient human resources to implement the project

2. Cultivate their own information construction team

the factory adopts the training method of "please come in and go out", based on training and improving the management and technical strength of the enterprise, cultivate their own professional team, and let computer professionals know some management knowledge, and managers know some computer knowledge

3. Adhere to the basic principles of information implementation, organize the implementation of

through the comprehensive investigation of domestic and foreign CAPP, cam, PDM software providers, the strength, software development ability, software functions, product lines, technical support and services of each company are carefully and carefully compared, combined with the goal to be achieved by the factory in two steps, Finally, kmcapp and kmpdm systems of Wuhan Kaimu company and pro/e software of PTC company were selected

the first step is to implement kmcapp, BOM, EDM systems of Kaimu company and pro/e software of PTC company (kmbom/edm is a part of PDM system, which is separated and used separately. After implementing PDM, this function will be incorporated into PDM system)

capp software

the process personnel can start the preparation of process documents by starting kmcapp software. Kmcapp software can read the graphics and attribute information of CAD documents for process planning. Kmcapp software is attached with an enterprise resource manager, which can establish various shared process resource libraries for the use of process personnel. The prepared process documents are checked into EDM system for management

bom software

kmbom software can read product structure information from CAD documents, form a product structure tree, and store it in EDM database. Kmbom software can summarize the process information of the process documents stored in the EDM system according to the product structure

edm software

kmedm software can manage product structure information and all process technical documents. Using the drawing and document management provided by the open PDM system, the design information and process specification information of parts are effectively managed. The parts and process procedures are classified and managed. With object retrieval function, you can search qualified objects by describing the category of the object and the attribute value or value range. It has the function of object association, which can establish dynamic condition Association and static specified association between components and process regulations. You can also manage the version of objects. A new version will be generated when a published object is revised. The system can generate a version number according to the object version number rule or manually specify it. The system can automatically check to ensure that the version number of objects with the same code will not be repeated

o/e software

pro/e software can perform NC programming on the basis of pro/e three-dimensional graphics, so that a large number of complex data calculations are handed over to the computer for processing, which reduces the labor intensity of programmers and has more obvious advantages for complex parts; Simulating the processing process on the computer makes the programming work closer to reality and it is more convenient for programmers to optimize the program; Through automatic detection and Simulation of the final processing results, the risk of first piece trial cutting is reduced, and the manufacturing cost is effectively reduced

in this way, we have successfully achieved all the goals of the first step. Based on the experience and accumulated data of the successful implementation of the first step, we began to implement the second step

the second step is to implement kmpdm system of Kaimu company, build a process information management platform, and fully integrate C

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