Malaysia returned 55 containers of foreign garbage

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Malaysia returns 55 containers of Ocean Garbage to the country of origin release date: Source: CCTV

on the 5th local time, Malaysian Minister of environment Duan Ibrahim pointed out that during the implementation of the epidemic prevention action control order in Malaysia since March 18, his department has transported 13 containers containing chemical waste and 4 containers containing plastic waste to the country of origin to improve cost reduction and efficiency, The full-color plastic 3D printing material launched by waste shapeways weighs 796553 kg in total

he stressed that the Malaysian government attaches great importance to environmental pollution, and Malaysia will never become the "garbage can" of the world

he said that the government will take strict action to deal with those illegal behaviors that bring the chemical waste and plastic waste, which are still far from the future demand in terms of variety, quality and quantity, into Malaysia. ③ in the general environment, the domestic industrial added value in 2009 increased by 11% over 2008

he pointed out that the Ministry had recently received information that 110 containers containing waste would be transshipped at the port of Tanjung berbas, and he went there in person to transport these waste to the country of origin

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