Management and control of dangerous source points

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<2 is its process is not easy to control p> management and control measures for hazard sources (points) of vertical and horizontal baking devices

1.1 hazard source point number: mwb4

1 2. Basic information: the vertical baking device and horizontal baking device are the equipment for heating and baking the ladle with gas. The main gas facilities include gas pipeline valves, gas nozzles and ladle. Installation location: transition span and finishing span

1.3 analysis of risk factors and possible accidents:

a gas ignition and explosion accident caused by gas operation not reliably cutting off gas

b gas poisoning, fire and explosion accidents caused by lax sealing of gas valves and flanges, corrosion and leakage of pipelines, or inadequate communication of stopping gas delivery information, and empty gas after gas arrival

c explosion accidents caused by gas poisoning or blind hot work caused by incomplete replacement and purging after gas shutdown

d explosion caused by this kind of "10000 leakage" inspection, flushing the remaining mixed gas when starting the gas

e explosion caused by directly closing more than 100mm valves when stopping gas

2. Basic requirements of control

2.1 basic requirements for equipment, facilities and regional safety status

a tag the gas valve

b each gas pipeline has no corrosion leakage, the valve switch is flexible and reliable, the lubrication and maintenance are good

C there are no inflammables and explosives near the gas facilities, and the fire-fighting facilities in the area are in good condition

d when stopping the gas, first close the gas valve below 100mm on the support, check that the branch nozzle has no residual fire, and then close the main valve

e ensure that the information of stopping gas delivery is unblocked, and at the same time, the monitor on the continuous casting table should check the combustion of gas nozzle at any time

f gas cut-off device is complete and reliable, without corrosion and failure

g overhead pillars and supports of gas pipelines are safe and reliable

2.2 basic requirements for safety behavior of relevant personnel

2.2.1 basic requirements for personnel in relevant positions

a. carry out safety technical training for gas workers, and only those who pass the examination are allowed to work

b. gas operators shall check the horizontal baking device every shift; Make records and report problems to the monitor in time; Hualong company checks the vertical baking device every day, and timely reports the problems to the relevant responsible units

c. operators shall have complete and standard protective articles and abide by gas safety operation procedures and process technology operation procedures

d. it is forbidden to rest and stay in the gas area to prevent gas poisoning accidents

2.2.2 requirements for maintenance personnel

a maintenance personnel shall check the pipes and valves of the gas system once a day, and deal with problems in a timely manner

b relevant approval procedures must be handled when hot work (electric oxygen welding) of gas pipeline valves is carried out

c during gas maintenance, the maintenance personnel must inform the person in charge of the regional section. During operation, ensure that the air at the operation point is good, and closely monitor Co. in case of any abnormality, the maintenance personnel shall immediately leave the site

d contact with relevant units before gas operation, cut off relevant gas valves and hang a tag for confirmation

e before operation, the gas shall be released, CO shall be monitored, and explosion-proof test shall be conducted before hot work

f standby fire-fighting equipment during hot work

3. Main control measures

3.1 general safety tips

no staying in the gas area

3.2 daily control and management measures

pc/abs alloy has good finishing and adhesion to the covering film

a section (team) has clear gas management responsibilities (the section is checked twice a week, the team is checked once a shift, and the corresponding records are made)

b gas operators, Only after professional gas safety technology training and passing the examination can they engage in gas operation activities

c gas pipe facilities are free of corrosion and leakage, and hidden dangers should be rectified in time to ensure the safe operation of equipment and facilities

d after sending the gas, the end will be released for 5-10 minutes. After passing the explosion-proof test and analysis, stop releasing

e warning signs should be hung near the gas valve pipeline to remind people to pay attention

f the ignition procedure should be to ignite the kindling before supplying gas

g the fixed platforms, ladders and guardrails in the gas area meet the safety requirements

h when gas facilities stop gas maintenance, the source should be reliably cut off and the internal gas should be blown out

i more than two people must work in the gas area, and single person operation is prohibited. When dealing with gas leakage, operators should stand on the windward side and implement safety measures

j if the gas cannot be delivered or it goes out after ignition, the gas valve should be closed immediately, the cause should be found out, and the mixed gas in the furnace should be discharged before re ignition according to the specified procedure

k all pipe facilities that use hoses to connect and guide gas must be equipped with reliable cutting devices, and the corrosion, leakage, use, operation and other conditions of gas pipe facilities must be checked regularly. If hidden dangers are found, they must be rectified in time to ensure the safe operation of equipment and facilities

l the tundish baking device does not supply air during ignition. After the ignition supply gas is ignited, gradually increase the air supply and gas volume. When stopping the gas, first close all burners, then stop the blower and stop the main gas valve

3.3 Accident Plan

a gas equipment and facilities are on fire due to tightness. For gas pipelines with a diameter of less than 100mm, the valve can be directly closed to cut off the gas and extinguish the fire. When a gas pipeline with a diameter greater than 100mm catches fire, the valve should be closed gradually, and the gas valve must not be closed suddenly. Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Xiao Yaqing, director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, are the deputy leaders - such a powerful lineup to prevent backfire and explosion

b the gas pipeline has trachoma or exudes tar. After finding the leak point, dip small sawdust in water and plug it on the small hole, which can be treated temporarily, and then repair the trachoma during maintenance

c if a large number of gas equipment and facilities leak and catch fire or cause personnel poisoning, the emergency plan for gas accidents should be immediately launched, and the poisoned should be quickly and timely rescued from the gas dangerous area, carried to a place with fresh air, removed all clothes that hinder breathing, done a good job of keeping warm, and if necessary, take first-aid measures such as artificial respiration and resuscitation, and notify medical personnel to the scene for rescue and treatment

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