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Improve the popularity of stations by using offline activities

with the popularity of Internet, users increasingly like to participate in various online activities through networks, and various stations and forums pay more and more attention to the organization and construction of offline activities, especially local stations. In the past two years, the author has also organized more than 50 offline gatherings, large and small. Now I will share some experiences with you as follows:

I. before the event,

the distance between the inner pivots is 10~20mm 1. Determining the division of labor

now is an era of teamwork, and personal heroism has become unbearable. Therefore, no matter the size of activities, it is recommended that everyone find people with similar interests to do it together. For small gatherings, as long as you have a certain organizational ability, simply discuss the form of activities and other issues. For large-scale activities, the points should be more detailed, such as the host, copywriter, on-site welcome and other personnel, should be determined in advance

2. Determine the time, form and scale of activities

common forms of activities mainly include dinner, karaoke, murder and other desktop games, mountain climbing, gardening, outing, sports, blind date, etc. This mainly depends on the preferences and familiarity of the target group. For example, new people who participate in activities for the first time can focus on activities with more communication opportunities such as dinner or murder. If they are familiar old friends, they can consider activities with strong entertainment such as karaoke

in addition to the form of activities, we should also determine the size of the number of people. The author suggests that the cycle of large-scale activities with more people should be longer, and the cycle of small gatherings with fewer people can be shorter. If it is a large-scale event, we should design the interactive games and other links of the day in advance

it is suggested that the activity time should be on weekends, and the work and rest habits and rules of participants should be fully considered

3. Determine the place of activity

the place of activity should be convenient in transportation and low in cost. Try to look at the site in advance. Generally, the lights on the site should not be too dark or too cold to give people an empty feeling. The size of the venue should be just enough to accommodate the number of participants. Because the specific number of participants can't be refined, a certain empty space can be reserved, but don't exceed the expected number. It doesn't matter if it's a little smaller, so the scene will appear very lively and popular. Otherwise, it will appear too cold

4. Write an activity notice

many friends ignore this, which is actually very important. Whether the activity will receive everyone's response and whether the registration situation is optimistic depends largely on whether the notice is written well. Usually, the notice should be composed of the following elements: activity introduction, activity initiator, activity time, facing people, activity location, activity cost, activity process, registration/contact information, detailed address and detailed bus route (it is best to attach a map). Generally, it is OK to write these elements clearly. The language organization is mainly relaxed and pleasant, and there should be no targeted or offensive words. For example, only high-quality people participate in such words, which will be extremely offensive

5. Publicity of activities

offline activities not only increase the cohesion of members and activate the atmosphere of the station, but also are a good publicity point in itself. Therefore, the publicity of the event itself must not be ignored. Moreover, through centralized publicity, a large number of people will sign up in a short time, which will also make people feel that the activities are extremely popular and form a brand effect

6. Sort out the address book of applicants

before the activity, we must try to collect all the information of all applicants. At least the number and number should be collected, and the number of friends who sign up on behalf of others should also be clear. If conditions permit, it is recommended to establish relevant groups

7. Send a pre meeting notice

be sure to use SMS to remind the notice before the event. It is suggested that the evening of the day before the event. The experiment cannot be carried out at this time of text message. The content should include the theme of the activity, the specific location, driving route and contact person

II. In the event

1. On site photo collection

regardless of the size of the event, as long as conditions permit, it is recommended that you take more on-site photos. Try to capture everyone on the scene, especially some funny and hot scenes, and focus on recording

2. On site atmosphere adjustment

the success of the activity depends most on the on-site atmosphere. Whether the atmosphere can be loaded safely is calculated according to formula (3); During the festival, it depends on whether everyone can integrate. When determining the personnel in the first step before the event, we should identify some people who are friendly and good at activating the atmosphere in advance. In addition, as an organizer, we should also mobilize everyone's enthusiasm. Here are some key points

a. arrive in advance and communicate with every friend. As the organizer of the event, you must arrive at the scene in advance. When members arrive one after another, try to have a short exchange with each friend. First, eliminate the strangeness. Second, roughly judge everyone's personality characteristics, mainly introverted or extroverted, and whether they are very active people

b, mutual introduction should not be less. For small activities, this must be a must (except for those who are all acquaintances). This link can not only let everyone know each other, but also judge again those friends who are extroverted and those friends who are introverted

c. Provoke topics and encourage communication. As an organizer, you should always stir up topics and liven up the atmosphere. Generally, there are several particularly active people among the people who participate in the activities. For such a friend, please mobilize his enthusiasm. When the atmosphere rises, the organizer should communicate more with those who are more introverted and shy to eliminate their strangeness

3. Emergency handling

from the author's experience in organizing activities at present, I haven't encountered any special emergencies, which may be mainly the adjustment of the on-site atmosphere, because sometimes the rise of everyone's play may cause unhappiness in words. At this time, as an organizer, I need to stand up and make peace, turn the topic in time, and ease the atmosphere. This is especially true for dinner parties, because usually drinking is necessary for dinner parties, and it is easy to lose words after drinking. Here, I would like to remind you that for activities such as dinner, you must not persuade people to drink or share wine. If you can drink more, don't drink what you can't. If you find someone drinking too much, you should also discourage them in time

in addition, we should pay attention to safety issues. Please check the relevant articles

III. after the event

the aftermath of the event is relatively simple. The main thing is to send on-site photos in time and write a few on-site notes (mainly to guide members to write) if possible. If it is a large-scale event, the address book of participants should be sorted out in time. In the aftermath work, we only need to remember one principle, which is to guide the harmonious atmosphere of the activity to the station (or forum, group), and guide everyone to continue to maintain this popularity on the relevant platform

IV. pay attention to details

in fact, when you mention holding activities, you will think it is relatively simple, because most people understand what's going on, but why are some parties good and some bad? In fact, in addition to the formulation of the process, there are details

for example, when posting an activity notice on the forum, in addition to indicating the details of the activity, we should draw up an enrollment format and let the people behind sign up according to the format, so as to avoid the phenomenon of irrigation. Otherwise, when others come to see it, it is all irrigation, and there is no registration, which will hit the enthusiasm of users. At the same time, for the sake of double insurance, the first few replies of the post, it is best to let familiar people first report their names according to the format and make a sample

for example, after there are more people signing up, update these information to the post in time to let everyone know the latest developments. Such as the number of applicants, the proportion of men and women, and even the specific list, contact information, units, etc. In this way, everyone can know who participated, and see that there are many participants, which is very popular. Those who don't want to participate will also participate

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