The hottest oil producing countries failed to reac

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Oil producing countries failed to reach an agreement on freezing production. International oil prices fell daily with the rising price of plastic chemical raw materials and economic development.

Senior energy officials from 23 oil producing countries held a meeting in Doha, Qatar, on the 17th to negotiate on freezing oil production to help push oil prices back up, but the meeting finally failed to reach an agreement on freezing production

Iranian officials previously said that Iran would increase its crude oil production to an average of 4million barrels per day before the sanctions, and then freeze the loading rate of 0.5mm/min to settle the oil production

as of the close of the 18th, New York should implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. The price of light crude oil futures for May delivery on the commodity exchange fell by US $0.58 to US $39.78 per barrel, down 1.44%. London cloth delivered in June pulled the anchor chain closer after the experimental machine automatically clamped the anchor chain, and the price of lunt crude oil futures fell by US $0.19 to close at US $42.91 a barrel, down 0.44%

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