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Oil prices will seriously affect the balance of the world economy

oil prices will seriously affect the balance of the world economy

March 30, 2005

economists said that geopolitical factors will still have an important impact on oil prices for some time to come. Instability in the Middle East and the destruction of oil facilities by international terrorism will also exacerbate the rise in oil prices. The importance of oil in energy consumption and the continuous growth of oil consumption will also make the oil price at a high level. In the first 20 years of the 21st century, oil will still be the main energy in the world. The global oil demand will increase from 82.4 million barrels a day to 120million barrels in 2030. It can be concluded that the era of low oil prices will be gone forever

in this year's world economy, oil price fluctuations will become an important factor affecting the balance of the world economy. If the oil price remains high, the world economic growth will likely slow down significantly in 2005. Because the fluctuation of oil price is directly related to the balance of payments of oil producing countries, the growth of national economy and the economic interests of oil importing countries, all countries in the world are paying attention to the development trend and Prospect of oil price

from the current situation, the member countries of the organization of petroleum exporting countries are bound by the oil price and production quota agreement, which has changed the passive situation that it was difficult to control the oil price in the past. With the change of the oil supply and demand situation in the international market, the power of the organization of petroleum exporting countries to influence the market and control the oil price will gradually increase. Various signs show that it will be difficult for the international oil price to fall significantly in the near future, and the high oil price situation will remain for a period of time. In addition, as OPEC implements the "production limitation and price protection", the competition for the oil market with other oil producing countries such as Britain, Norway and Mexico is becoming increasingly fierce, and all members of OPEC will privately break through the production restrictions and sell oil at reduced prices for their own interests, it cannot be ruled out that there will be large fluctuations in oil prices in the international market

no matter what the trend of oil price is, from the perspective of national economic security and strategy, if all oil consuming countries in the world, especially developing countries, cannot effectively establish and improve the strategic oil reserve mechanism and strengthen oil security precautions, it will be difficult to cope with the impact of international oil price fluctuations, economic security will not be effectively guaranteed, and the national security strategy will be in a disadvantageous position

in the past year, the international oil price has increased by more than 60%, and the increase from January to March this year alone has exceeded 20%, close to the highest oil price in the past 20 years. Judging from the current oil supply situation, as OPEC continues to limit production, and increases the floating framework of oil prices from $22 to $28 per barrel to $40 to $50 per barrel in the past, as well as the shadow shape and size of the continued deterioration of the situation in the Middle East are shown in Figure 4, the international oil price will remain high for a long period of time, and the price per barrel and even aerogel gel material, known as the lightest solid in the world, may reach $60

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