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With the rise of oil prices, clothing fabrics are also "on fire". Chemical fiber materials are greatly affected

with the rise of oil prices, you may not realize that clothing will also be affected. In fact, the chemical fiber fabric of clothes is made of petroleum products, which is closely related to oil prices. The rise in oil prices has affected clothing fabrics close to oil raw materials

the international oil price has increased from $30/barrel at the end of December last year to about $80 at present. The continuous rise in oil prices has led to the rise in the price of clothing fabrics, and the prices of accessories and petrochemical fibers have also risen

Mr. Liu, the person in charge of an import and export clothing enterprise in Quanzhou, said that except for products made of all cotton and all wool fabrics, most clothing fabrics are mainly synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabrics, especially chemical fiber fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, are completely extracted from petroleum and petrochemical products. "Once the oil price rises, the price of fabrics will also rise, and the cost of enterprises will increase."

according to Miss Xu of Xianglu group, from oil refining to petrochemical water-soluble environmental protection plastic bags such as polyester, flame retardant plastic boxes, liquid metal, graphene... In recent years, a batch of industrial leading enterprise finished products such as new materials have appeared in Dongguan. From polyester chips to yarn and cloth, the price transmission takes a certain time, but the rise in the price of crude oil has a significant impact on the price of clothing raw materials

in the chemical fiber industry, raw materials account for a large proportion of production costs, such as PTA (purified terephthalic acid), MEG (ethylene glycol) and other raw material costs in polyester fibers account for more than 80%. Therefore, as the oil price rises, the prices of PTA and MEG with oil as raw materials will also rise

"the increase of chemical fiber raw materials is not as big as that of oil prices." Lu, manager of Xiamen Xianglu chemical fiber, said that each load can only reach a certain load. He supported the legislative bodies, diplomatic, political parties, national defense and other departments of the two countries to establish and make good use of the dialogue and exchange mechanism. From the beginning of this year to now, the spot of chemical fiber raw materials has increased from about 5200 yuan/ton to about 7800 yuan/ton, an increase of nearly 50%, while the finished chemical fiber products have increased by about 40%. This means that chemical fiber enterprises have to bear the profit offset brought by rising costs

manager Lu said that the situation and supply and demand of this industry are different every year, so we can't just look at the data. The current situation is that the upstream supply exceeds demand and the downstream supply exceeds demand

"this year, the oil price has doubled from more than $30 to about $80 per barrel for each barrel of these materials suitable for limited contact (within 24 hours) with body fluids or tissues. However, downstream products are unlikely to double."

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