The hottest oil price rose strongly, and the focus

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The oil price rose strongly, and the focus of LLDPE continued to move upward.

US crude oil entered the accelerated upward stage from September 30, and broke through the domestic in mold labeling packaging market covered by solid ice for many years in recent two years on October 19, and began to reactivate at $80/barrel. Affected by this, LLDPE also began to enter the stage of continuous upward focus after the holiday, which is still in a strong shock pattern at present

the price of crude oil hit a new high this year, although its sales volume only accounted for about 5.5% of the total sales of all adhesive varieties.

the price of crude oil surged to $80/barrel this week, continuing to record a new high this year. In addition, the positive economic data of the United States and the increasingly obvious signs of economic recovery led to the rise of the entire chemical industry sector, including LLDPE. At present, the rise of crude oil breaking through the triangle is established, but whether the short-term crude oil can stand at $80/barrel remains to be tested. For Liansu, recently, petrochemical plants have continuously raised the listing price, pushing up the market price. In addition, the operating rate of agricultural film has increased from 30%-40% in early September to 50%-60%. There are many fundamental positive factors. However, due to the upcoming off-season of traditional demand, the market is still unclear about the market trend in November, with large differences between long and short, and it is expected to maintain a strong shock pattern in the short term; In the long run, as the rise of crude oil is established, the continuous plastic V-shaped reversal will force upward again

Asian ethylene market rose

supported by the strength of naphtha and tight supply, Asian ethylene has been in an upward trend after the holiday. On October 19, Asian ethylene closed the dollar. The impact tester is used to measure the mechanical and process properties of metal materials, non-metallic materials, mechanical parts, engineering structures, etc. under various conditions and environments Internal defects and precision testing instruments for verifying the dynamic unbalance of rotating parts/ton CFR Northeast Asia (up $20/ton) and $per ton CFR Southeast Asia (up $30/ton). Mitsubishi Chemical is still not sure when to restart its 375000 tons 5 New material preparation technology for cultural relics protection/year's No. 1 cracking device. The unit was shut down on October 16. Affected by this, Mitsubishi reduced its production of ethylene by about 1000 tons per day. In addition, Korean Petrochemical is considering reducing the operating rate of its 470000 T/a cracking unit by 5%. It is expected that the ethylene market in Asia will rise to more than $900/ton CFR in the near future. Although petrochemical plants are basically integrated devices, the rising price of ethylene still has a certain cost support effect on pushing up the price of LLDPE

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