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In recent years, cases of children's disease caused by decoration pollution are common. According to the statistics of relevant departments

in recent years, cases of children's disease caused by decoration pollution are common. According to the statistics of relevant departments, at present, about 800000 children die from upper respiratory tract infection caused by decoration pollution in China every year, of which more than 300000 children under the age of 5 are related to indoor air pollution

among the decorative "> decorative materials used in the decoration of children's rooms, paint"> paint and paint "> paint has become the biggest hidden danger, and the formaldehyde and benzene substances it contains are the invisible killers of children's health, and also one of the main causes of childhood leukemia and cancer.

children's paint is too high and too low.

with people's increasing attention to their own living conditions and physical health, in recent years, environmental protection and health have become the theme of decoration building materials. Children, as the center of every family, their health problems have caused more and more problems With the earnest concern of many parents, how to minimize the pollution of the children's room in the decoration has become a new problem that annoys parents in the decoration process

according to experts, children spend more than 80% of their time indoors. They are in the period of physical growth and development, and their breathing volume is 50% higher than that of adults by weight. If the indoor air is polluted, children will suffer far more harm than adults. In this environment, many children's environmental protection paints specially used for children's rooms also came into being

in the European and American markets, children's paint can form a continuous paint film without adding any film-forming additives, antifreeze and other solvents, thus greatly reducing the VOC content of such products and providing children with a healthy, environmentally friendly and livable environment

is the "children's paint" on the domestic market really suitable for children? What standards will such products comply with when leaving the factory? With such questions, the reporter visited several major home decoration stores in Beijing. Among many paint brands, garberry and Fuya have special children's paint products. According to the shopping guide, these products have zero VOC content and extremely low harmful metal content; Using this kind of products to decorate the room is not only colorful, but also very environmentally friendly, which can better meet the needs of children's room decoration

a consumer told reporters that she was decorating and was going to use children's paint to paint the wall in the children's room reserved for children. At present, there are too many cases of disease caused by decoration. Although the price of children's paint is generally one or two hundred yuan higher than that of general paint, it is worth it for the health of children

but what puzzled her was that no matter which kind of children's paint was produced by the authority, she could not get the environmental protection certification that could prove that the product was suitable for children's room, so it was difficult for her to judge whether children's paint was really more environmentally friendly

lack of industry standards

in the building materials store, when the reporter asked whether there was a special children's paint, almost all foreign brands recommended the products with the best environmental protection performance and the highest price, or new products. The shopping guide said that foreign brand paints have passed relevant foreign environmental protection certification, and the requirements of foreign certification on VOC content are much higher than those in China. Therefore, they can fully meet the needs of children's room decoration

according to experts, so far, the state has not issued a separate control standard for decoration materials of children's rooms, which also poses an obstacle to how to define whether products are suitable for children's rooms. At present, most children's paint products are still based on the "10 mandatory national standards for the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials" when leaving the factory. This also shows that due to the lack of national standards, the children's paint market has not been widely recognized by the market and consumers, and the enterprise products have no credibility

according to a shopping guide who did not want to be named, some enterprises took advantage of the lack of industry standards to openly paste ordinary paint with environmental protection certification that has not been tested by authoritative departments, and nicknamed it children's paint for sale. As a result, the children's paint market is confused, which hinders the healthy development of the market

in the face of such a broad market space for children's paint, why can't more than 10000 brands of nearly 8000 domestic paint enterprises jump out of the "Red Sea" with serious product homogenization and find a breakthrough in the segment of children's paint? In fact, the reason is very simple. At present, there is no national standard for children's paint. More publicity may come from the product strategy of the enterprise. Many consumers also called for the state to introduce relevant regulations and standards as soon as possible to create their own "blue sky" for children




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