Five ways to understand the price trap of customiz

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Five ways to understand the price trap of customized wardrobe

the expensive overall wardrobe is often the number one "killer" that leads to the budget overrun of bedroom decoration. Decoration companies believe that the pricing method of most customized wardrobe is the additional calculation of functional accessories, so the more accessories, the higher the cost. In order to fully realize the storage function of customized wardrobe and control the budget, it is particularly important to choose functional accessories reasonably

five ways of super saving budget to understand the price trap of customized wardrobe

1. There are many drawers and high costs

some owners hope to make full use of the storage function of customized wardrobe classification, and will consider adding drawers to the wardrobe. For example, some owners need to install 4~6 drawers in the overall wardrobe with a small area of about 6 square meters

suggestion: at present, the unit price of the overall wardrobe drawer in the market is between 160 and 220 yuan. The more drawers, the higher the cost. The salesperson of Aowei wardrobe reminded the owner that under normal circumstances, only 2-3 drawers are needed in the wardrobe, so it is suggested that the owner should pay attention to appropriate installation

2. Although the buffer guide rail is good, the cost is easy to increase.

the buffer guide rail of the wardrobe can avoid the "snap" sound when pushing and pulling the wardrobe and drawers, and to a certain extent, it can also prolong the service life of the wardrobe. However, the price of buffer guide rail has to be calculated additionally

suggestion: the unit price of the guide rail of ordinary wardrobe without buffer function is 160~180 yuan/piece. If it is a guide rail with buffer function, it needs more than 220 yuan/piece. The more buffer guide rails, the higher the price. If you want to save money, the reporter suggested that owners should gently push and pull when using the wardrobe

3. The wardrobe push door is simple and beautiful

the decoration psychology of many owners is that they spend a lot of money to order the wardrobe, and naturally want to equip the wardrobe with a decent "push door", resulting in the original cost of customizing the wardrobe is not high, but when the door is finally installed, the budget cost is exceeded at once

suggestion: there are many kinds of sliding doors for the overall wardrobe, of which the pure leaf sliding door only costs about 900 yuan/square meter, the leaf sliding door with waist line costs more than 1200 yuan/square meter, the price of bright sliding door is 1100~1300 yuan/square meter, and the matte sliding door is 1300~1550 yuan/square meter. The more fancy the sliding door decoration is, the higher the price is. If you increase one or two hundred yuan per square meter, the final total price will be hundreds or even thousands of yuan higher

five ways of super saving budget to understand the price trap of customized wardrobe

4. If the laminate design is enough

many owners believe that the more the laminates of the wardrobe, the better, the more practical, so only a few boards and several compartments are enough to use, and they have to increase the number to more than double

suggestion: the unit price of small boards for customized wardrobe is 70~80 yuan/piece, and that of large boards is about 200 yuan/piece. The more laminates, the higher the price. Heyan, a saleswoman for the wardrobe of haolaike, suggested that the wardrobe usually needs 4-6 small boards and 3-4 large boards

5. The price of invisible mirrors is high

many women want to install fitting mirrors in the wardrobe, which is convenient for fitting and placing mirrors. In this way, it is convenient to use, but the overall cost of the wardrobe also increases with the increase of invisible mirrors

suggestion: the unit price of invisible mirrors in the overall wardrobe is between 350 and 550 yuan, while the price of independent fitting mirrors in the market is about 200 yuan. Owners can consider buying independent fitting mirrors. In addition, if there is a dressing table and a mirror in the bedroom, it is basically enough for the owner to use




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