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Many decorations that used to look popular or practical are not suitable for use now. For example, sticking a dado on the wall, decorating the home with a variety of lights and decorations, and decorating the home as dazzling as a ballroom. In fact, doing so is neither beautiful nor practical, but also a waste of budget. These decoration misconceptions need to be eliminated by modern home decoration

first silly: the wall cabinet is full of walls

Ms. Zhao has been decorated for the second time. Because she had a decoration seven years ago, she retained the style of the last decoration with her own experience, and made the wall of the bedroom full of wall cabinets. But a friend pointed out that this practice was out of date a few years ago, which made Ms. Zhao very angry

analysis: the method of making wall cabinets full of walls was very popular about seven or eight years ago. But with the decoration becoming more and more simple, this practice has been rarely used in the decoration process of modern families. In addition, because a large number of plates, glue and paint products are used to make wall cabinets, it is difficult to ensure environmental protection. It is recommended that owners use as few as possible

the closet is mainly used for storage. If there are not many things at home, there is no need to make a closet at all. If you like, you can make some small partitions on the wall and place some decorations such as picture frames and handicrafts. If there are many things at home, you can store them in the wardrobe, bed box, storage room, etc

second fool: Board wrapped windows

recently, Mr. Sun has spent a lot of time decorating his son's new house. He wrapped all the windows with boards according to his old idea. But my son quit. Today's young people don't pretend so. Father and son had a conflict over this matter

analysis: the voice of light decoration and heavy decoration is getting higher and higher, and family decoration is increasingly pursuing simplicity, especially for young people, who take simplicity as fashion. There are few windows in modern home decoration. Ordinary windows pay attention to nature without deliberate packaging

ordinary windows can be scraped white without too much decoration. If it is a floating window, you should choose whether to use a board to wrap the window according to the actual living needs of the owner. If it is the interval between the living room and the balcony, it can be completely excluded, even if it is included, it cannot be completely included

third fool: sliding door for bathroom

Mr. Li's old house is being decorated, but he made a mistake when designing the bathroom. The lighting in the bathroom is not good, so he wants to install a sliding door. But his wife thought it was too corny and insisted on installing a wooden door. The two sides were at loggerheads

analysis: in the traditional decoration concept, toilets should be equipped with sliding doors, which is conducive to daylighting. However, if the sliding door is used for a long time, the slide rail will be blocked by dirt, causing inconvenience

try to use less sliding doors in bathroom decoration, and it is recommended to use more wooden doors. If the wooden door is too stuffy, you can choose a wooden door with glass decoration locally, which not only solves the lighting problem, but also does not lose beauty

fourth silly: the home is like a ballroom

when designing Miss Zhou's house, the warm and dazzling lights on the renderings made her yearn for inexperience. When it was used, she found that many lights were rarely used at ordinary times, and all lights were turned on at the same time, which not only consumed electricity, but also was extremely hot. My friend joked that her house was like a ballroom

analysis: lighting will make the finishing touch on the decoration of the room, but indoor lighting must not be used too much, because this will not only cause unnecessary waste of money, but also very troublesome to take care of.

living at home is not like living in public, and being too flashy is often counterproductive. The headlights used for main lighting must ensure sufficient brightness, and the other lamps can choose different colors and brightness according to their preferences

fifth fool: make furniture by yourself

in order to save money, Mr. Wu chose to make furniture by himself when decorating, but in the end, he didn't save much money. Moreover, he bought materials and worked as a supervisor himself. He suffered a lot of sins inside and outside, and Mr. Wu regretted it

analysis: there are more and more modern home stores, furniture prices are becoming more and more transparent, and consumers' choice space is also increasing. In addition, the precision of mechanized production is higher than that of manual production, so it is more appropriate to buy furniture in terms of price and style

if conditions permit, it is suggested that the owner should reduce the number of furniture in the decoration process, and try to buy high-profile and high-quality brand furniture from formal home stores. Furniture manufacturers can also make customized furniture according to their own specific dimensions and specifications

sixth silly: stick a dado on the wall

Ms. Liu has lived in a room full of dados for 20 years. Therefore, when decorating her daughter's house, she also insisted that decorators stick a dado on the wall

analysis: modern family rooms are generally equipped with many furniture, which will block most of the walls, so people are unlikely to touch the walls. In addition, if the dado is packed with wooden frames, the dado also takes up more space

the plain wall can be matched with furniture at will, or environmental wallpaper with different colors and patterns can be pasted on the wall. It is also convenient to change it if you don't like it

seventh silly: the color is painted all over the house

Xiao Zhang, who is lively, bought a 40 square meter house. When communicating with the designer, she said that she liked blue, pink and so on, and she wanted to paint these colors on the wall

analysis: Although the collocation of black and white is not the only choice for modern people when decorating, more gorgeous colors appear in the room, but this does not mean that you can paint colors on the wall at will. After all, strong colors appear in front of you every day, which will cause visual fatigue and mental depression over time

home is a place for people to relax, so it's best to lighten the color of the wall, which is conducive to health. In fact, if you match it with some brightly colored accessories, you can also brighten the eyes of the host and the guests

eighth silly: the style is the same

many times, when I walk into a friend's house that I have never been to, I will have ‘ Deja vu ’ The feeling of. Mr. Wang said that if the house type is the same, it is almost like walking into the same house

analysis: the decoration with the same style is the current situation. Many people blindly follow the trend when decorating, and don't know which style is more suitable for them

prospective owners must communicate more with designers before decoration. In addition, after the designer put forward a more targeted design scheme, during the construction process, the owner suggested that the designer go to the site to confirm the progress and construction effect, so as to decorate a home that really suits the owner's personality

ninth silly: gypsum ceiling

I'm depressed when I see the gypsum ceiling on my head now. Mr. Cai complained that the practicability of gypsum ceiling was too poor. It was easy to accumulate dust, difficult to clean, and often felt depressed

analysis: the biggest use of the ceiling is to cover the ugly equipment layer on the roof. The current house is generally 2.6 meters tall. If the gypsum roof is hung and the floor is paved, the use space will be reduced. In addition, ordinary gypsum will be powdered and subsided after long use

at present, partial ceiling is a better top decoration method. There is no need to distinguish the wall and the roof with stone plaster lines. As long as the top and the wall are slightly distinguished in color, it will not make people feel breathless, but also activate the space

tenth silly: curtain boxes are everywhere

recalling the experience of dismantling curtain boxes by herself in the past, Miss Zhang was really miserable, so she insisted on using curtain rods when decorating the house for the second time

analysis: curtain rails were popular a few years ago. The curtain box is used together with the curtain rail to block the unsightly curtain rail. However, due to cumbersome disassembly, difficult care, easy surface cracking, relatively unstable quality of curtain rail and other reasons, curtain boxes are increasingly unpopular with prospective owners

curtain rods have gradually replaced curtain boxes, which has become a trend. The curtain rod is usually easy to take care of and easier to maintain. In addition, the curtain rod itself has a certain decorative effect, which is a good choice for decoration at present. The method of making wall full cabinets was very popular about sevenoreight years ago. But with the decoration becoming more and more simple, this practice has been rarely used in the decoration process of modern families





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