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Many netizens may think that designers must be more professional than themselves, leading to the neglect of their own ideas in the decoration process and being led by designers. However, many designers' ideas are not necessarily comprehensive, and they don't know much about decoration. Therefore, remind netizens that they must have their own opinions in the decoration process, be alert to "best" designers, and don't understand the blind command of decoration

many netizens may think that designers must be more professional than themselves, leading to the neglect of their own ideas in the decoration process and being led by designers. However, many designers' ideas are not necessarily comprehensive, and they don't know much about decoration. Therefore, remind netizens to have their own opinions and be vigilant in the decoration process “ Best ” Designers, do not understand decoration blind command

recently, Ms. Xiao, a consumer, met a woman she called “ Best ” According to her description, in addition to calculating prices and fooling materials, this designer hardly considers the life and habits of home furnishings, and even the common sense of basic materials that ordinary consumers know also says “ I haven't heard of it, I don't know ”. As a result, she even suspected that designers had never done this business at all. With anger and laughter, Ms. Xiao told this short story before her decoration, hoping to remind everyone: before signing the bill, you must communicate with the designer more, and you also master some basic knowledge before communication. Don't “ Go astray &rdquo

insiders say that decoration is a complex thing. For ordinary consumers, even if they can do their homework before decoration, there are still many unclear things in the construction. Therefore, a professional designer and a professional construction team are particularly important for every decoration family

you might as well listen to Ms. Xiao's experience and appreciate this “ Best ” Designer

don't talk about price, just talk about style; If you don't understand the material, you will only deceive; Be absent-minded and aim at private life; Changed the name of the decoration package for soup without dressing &hellip

Ms. Xiao said that before starting decoration, she consulted many decoration companies. The primary purpose is to understand the overall quotation and see which is more suitable. But after consulting with a foreign-funded home decoration company, she was even more confused. Ms. Xiao said that because the home decoration company advertised “ Finished home decoration ”, At that time, I thought that the home decoration company could provide samples of n different areas and different functional spaces for me to choose. Then, just like ordering a meal, I could summarize the selected spaces according to the established price to get the overall decoration price

but in fact, when she arrived at the decoration company, Ms. Xiao was shown several model rooms before she was informed that although each model room was marked with a clear configuration list and price, it was only a reminder to consumers. The real quotation was obtained by multiplying the area of the decorated house by the unit basis, and it did not include many quotations for concealed work. The so-called finished home decoration was the home decoration package with a changed name

in addition, the designer also told Ms. Xiao that the configuration list of the model room can only be used to explain the decoration of the model room. Even if the design is exactly the same as that of the model room, the difference in the actual area and the condition of the house will bring changes in the quotation. In this way, the so-called finished home decoration is actually only a semi-finished product

speaking in terms of style, I can't figure out how much to spend on the house type map

because the home decoration company said that it was about 20% cheaper than other companies, Ms. Xiao decided to look into it in detail to see if it could save so much. As a result, when she handed her house type map to the designer, the designer did not calculate the overall price of house decoration for Ms. Xiao as expected, but asked Ms. Xiao after thinking for a long time, “ Do you want to design a shoe cabinet at your door& rdquo;

the designer's explanation is that the decoration style is more important than everything. I can't offer you a quotation without first determining the style, just as you can't calculate how much you have to spend on furniture if you're not sure whether to put a shoe cabinet at the door

when Ms. Xiao said that she didn't need to calculate the quotation so carefully, but only needed to calculate the price of basic decoration first, the designer took out “ Finished home decoration ” The concept of "home decoration package" includes all materials and costs, while each space package contains different things. The bathroom contains lamps, and the living room does not contain lamps. You have to buy them separately, etc. As a result, in the end, Ms. Xiao didn't figure out how much it would cost to decorate if she chose the company, but she just knew that it was cheaper than the decoration package of a company

in order to promote her products, she used her professional identity to cheat back and forth

Ms. Xiao told the designer that she wanted to customize a cloakroom. Because she was decorating the house for her parents, she was picky about the environmental protection performance of the materials and did not know what materials the home decoration company used. The designer said that the company has a special material partner, which is a domestic brand of environmental protection materials, so you can rest assured. However, after hearing this, Ms. Xiao said that she had only heard of domestic Daya board and Lushui River board, and did not know the brand mentioned by the designer. Moreover, by contrast, Ms. Xiao preferred to use imported boards, so she asked the designer whether the home decoration company had egger boards imported from Germany

but the designer told Ms. Xiao that she had been a designer for six years, had never used egger board, and had never heard of this brand. She also advised Ms. Xiao not to blindly listen to the sales promotion of salespersons in the market. In this regard, Ms. Xiao said she was helpless. She didn't know whether the designer really didn't know about plates, or whether she made a rash decision to promote her company's products

and “ Versatile ” Ms. Xiao said that although the designer who communicated with her did not seem to be very professional, she was very excited when she saw the model room in the home decoration company. There were indeed several good model rooms that she felt could be used for reference. Therefore, Ms. Xiao asked the designer whether their company did partial decoration. The designer told Ms. Xiao, “ Our company doesn't do partial decoration, but I have many skilled workers in my hands. If you let me do the decoration design of your home, we will make a friend. If necessary, we can send workers to the local reconstruction site at any time. A bathroom of 34 square meters can be completed by oneortwo workers& rdquo;

when Ms. Xiao asked whether the transformation of the bathroom involved a wide range of areas and whether a more professional team was needed, the designer said frankly, “ Skilled workers have done everything, so there is no problem at all. Besides, I'm looking for familiar workers to help you. They will work hard& rdquo;





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