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Package, originally a unique marketing method in the catering industry, has become commonplace in our life. Looking ahead: whether it's foreign fast food restaurants or the business hall of the communication industry; Whether it's beauty salons in the streets or building materials and home decoration companies. There are "set meals" in all industries of food, clothing, housing, transportation, leisure and entertainment, and many businesses have taken "set meals" as their main sales model. It can be said that our life has entered the "set...

package", which was originally a unique marketing method in the catering industry, but now it has become commonplace in our life. Looking around: whether it is foreign fast-food restaurants, or the business hall of the communication industry; whether it is the beauty salon in the streets, or the building materials home decoration company. There are "set meals" in all industries of our food, clothing, housing, transportation, leisure and entertainment, Many businesses have taken "package" as their main sales mode. It can be said that our life has entered the "set meal era". At present, there are more and more set meals in the home market, "28800 hardcover move home" and "56900 middle-class home decoration is not a dream". For a time, various slogans and products are flying all over the sky, and people who are having a headache for decoration seem to have new choices. In fact, many set meals look like "pie" and are actually "traps". Their purpose is to trap you. No wonder some people say, "set meals, set meals, is to trap you and then eat slowly". Then, whether the decoration set meal can be eaten or not, and how should it be eaten

is the decoration "set meal" delicious

"28800, hardcover move home", "26900, hardcover all in your home", as these catchy advertising words are familiar to more and more consumers, "decoration package", which is different from the traditional pricing method, has also attracted more and more attention. However, after trying this simple and straightforward decoration scheme, many consumers found that the original intention of decoration, which was originally hoped to be simple and cost-effective, could not be achieved in front of the "decoration package", and even exceeded the budget significantly

does package decoration save money and worry? Some people say that package decoration is the "McDonald's" in the decoration industry, which provides consumers with home decoration that saves money, time, effort and worry; Some people also believe that package decoration is actually a "set" of businesses for consumers. As long as you get in, you will be willing to be slaughtered; Some people are in a state of confusion, do not know which point of view to believe, and expect experts to point out the confusion

to say whether the package is worth it, we have to start with the package itself. According to the explanation of a well-known decoration company with package decoration as its main product on the concept of decoration package, the so-called package decoration is to combine the material parts, namely wall tiles, floor tiles, floors, cabinets, sanitary ware, doors, door covers and other brand main materials, together with the basic decoration construction, so that the owner can get a perfect home decoration engineering service. Because the main ingredients available to consumers in the set meal are limited. Decoration companies can conduct large-scale procurement to reduce the cost of materials. Similarly, the construction cost will be reduced, and the construction technology will be more skilled. The only defect is that consumers have little choice. In addition, being too industrialized and standardized will erase the personality of home furnishings in the future. However, not everyone should pursue personality. At present, the form of set meals can still meet the needs of most people. In this way, the formal package can still save consumers worry about decoration and get benefits

in the past two years, package decoration has swept the home decoration market. Although the decoration package has many shortcomings, which has left many consumers with regrets, this way has survived, and has also developed and expanded, "living" well. This is enough to prove that it meets a certain market demand and its existence is reasonable. In the traditional decoration, the most frequently asked question between consumers and decoration designers in the initial negotiation is how much our home decoration costs, and usually the designers cannot give the exact answer. But the package decoration is different. The package standard provided by it enables consumers to understand the grade of decoration for the first time, although in fact, the price is still relatively vague. In the package decoration mode, the decoration company cooperates directly with various manufacturers, and the project purchase price is relatively low, which saves a lot of time wasted in selecting materials, and also saves the tedious work that consumers have to be responsible for the price and quality of each material. In the after-sales service of package decoration. Consumers of package decoration face decoration companies rather than building material manufacturers, which to a certain extent avoids the mutual prevarication between after-sales decoration companies and main material suppliers in the maintenance process

then, why has the package decoration mode been questioned by some consumers? In fact, the opinions on package decoration mainly focus on some unclear costs and unclear brands and varieties of main materials. For example, the quotation of most packages only includes the most basic technology, and some low-cost packages do not include hydropower transformation, and the transformation price is much higher than the market price. In addition, most of the cabinets and doors included in the package are limited in quantity and size, such as one door per 25 square meters of the house, and one meter of cabinets per 50 square meters. Such a number is obviously insufficient for ordinary families. If they ask for an increase, they naturally have to pay more. Generally, after signing the contract, if the main materials provided by the decoration company are not required, they can only be returned at 70% of the unit price. In addition, there are many brands of decoration building materials in the market, and their prices and products are relatively similar, so it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between good and bad

be careful to be caught in the "set meal"

"decoration package" will continue to add some items after construction, which is called "stealing hands" in the industry -- when the decoration company starts construction, consumers will find that many services are not included in the package, and the content of "sets" in the package will be exposed, and the decoration cannot proceed normally without these services. At this time, the decoration company will tell the truth, and even show off to consumers with the contract agreement, and most consumers do not know which terms are unfavorable to them when signing the contract. So caught by the set meal, let's take a look at the set meal decoration experience of a netizen

the netizen Mr. Zhang's house is 102 square meters. After consulting several decoration companies, he found that it costs 50000-60000 yuan to do it, not to mention the first-line brand companies, even the second and third line home decoration companies. At this time, the advertisement of "28800 hardcover move home" of a company moved him. If the quality of home decoration can be guaranteed at this price, the brand company will collect money according to the price of "home decoration guerrillas". Mr. Zhang immediately consulted. In fact, the 28800 quotation does not include tax, plus taxes, the amount collected in advance for the hydropower reconstruction project, etc., and the quotation made by the decoration company for Mr. Zhang's house is about 32000 yuan. At that time, Mr. Zhang thought the price was acceptable, so he signed the contract. Unexpectedly, the trouble came first before the fine decoration was moved home

first of all, the actual amount of hydropower transformation is 5300 yuan, 4300 yuan higher than the advance payment. Since Mr. Zhang has paid 80% of the full amount at this time, he can't go back, so he has to admit it. However, things are not over yet, and the following additional items are emerging in endlessly: heating equipment 1400 yuan, installation fee 560 yuan, waterproof 1540 yuan, air duct demolition 100 yuan, wall chipping 570 yuan, baseboard 600 yuan... All additional items, as long as they are not in the contract, need to be paid additionally. The most outrageous is the cabinet, a total of 3 linear meters of cabinets plus 2000 yuan, the cabinet can not reach the top, saying that the height difference between Mr. Zhang's house and the standard room is 5cm, The materials should be baking varnish, plus 300 for one linear meter, 300 for damp proof sewer, and 300 for knife rest. It is calculated that the cabinet alone is 3500 yuan more than the one in the contract. Mr. Zhang angrily said that when he first chose the set meal, the designer said that he could choose whatever he wanted at that time, and he didn't mention anything about adding money

when the decoration was finished, Mr. Zhang spent a total of more than 54000 yuan, more than 20000 yuan higher than the contract amount. Here we can easily find that "28800" is just a general price, which seems to include many things such as main materials, auxiliary materials, labor, etc., but in fact, there are many items that are not included. That is to say, "28800" is actually just a publicity method to attract consumers, and consumers who have really signed a contract spend much more money than those on the contract

"28800" hardcover repair is difficult to go home

most people pay attention to package decoration because of its low price. For example, there have been 168/square meter, 188/square meter, 269 yuan/square meter, 288/square meter and other price packages on the market. No matter the pricing refers to the building area or the use area, this price looks very attractive. But is this really the case? Choosing this way, the vast majority of the decoration budget will "overspend". Because there are many restrictions on the package, you have to choose to add additional "paid" decoration projects, some of which you don't know before signing the contract, while others are more hidden, and you may not know after signing the contract




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