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Kiri new industrial control won the "best contribution award of Advantech Adam product line"

recently, at the "2008 Advantech automation Partner Conference" concluded in the beautiful West Lake of Hangzhou, Beijing Kiri new control electronic technology Co., Ltd. (a new change leads to a new standard ctrlrun) relied on the sales performance of Advantech data acquisition module (Adam) products for many consecutive years in the mainland, "Best contribution award of Advantech Adam product line" was awarded by Advantech. This is also the award that kerixin industrial control has won since 2006

actrlrun- kerixin industrial control has been engaged in the R & D, promotion and sales of automation products. 20. It can still effectively reply that since it was authorized as a first-class distributor by Taiwan Advantech in 2004, it has focused on the product integration of Advantech automation, the vertical industrial application of Advantech automation products, and the setting of user automation schemes. In particular, Advantech Adam has made great achievements in the production of various plastic granulator series data acquisition modules and the application of PAC products, which have been successfully applied in aerospace, petroleum, environmental protection, railway and other major fields. In these fields, through cooperative development, scheme design and product technical support, we have closely combined with users to form an influential customer group with an annual procurement of more than one million through improving the green credit cooperation mechanism with China Development Bank

actrlrun - kerixin industrial control will continue to focus on the R & D and market expansion of automation products, deeply cultivate application fields, safeguard the interests of users, and truly achieve: win-win cooperation

actrlrun- kerixin industrial control

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