The best EM method for fruit preservation

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EM method for fruit preservation

spray 200 times EM around the fresh fruit 3 days before fruit picking. If no EM is sprayed before fruit picking, the fresh fruit with intact skin can be sprayed [relevant standards]: what are the details of installing the tensile testing machine by company 1 in the mode of five business divisions (the testing machine manufacturing business division, the measuring tools business division, the industrial consumables business division, and the parts business division meet the requirements of the western market division and the system engineering business division) with 50 times of EM. after drying, it can be basked, covered with plastic film, and checked every other week, After picking out the rotten fruit, spray it once with 500 times em, then dry it and stack it in baskets, and cover it around. The fresh-keeping time of the fruit treated by this method can be times longer than that of the traditional method

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