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Dow: the raw material supplier of architectural coatings and industrial coatings. Chen dunxiao, the general manager with great affinity, said proudly in an interview recently that after integrating the technology and resources of the former Dow Chemical and Rohm and Haas departments, Dow paint materials business department should become the world's leading raw material supplier of architectural coatings and industrial coatings. The new business department has a complete product line of coating raw materials, including building and industrial coating binders, masking polymers, rheological modifiers, dispersants, solvents, film-forming agents and surfactants, and will take this advantage to accelerate the pace of coating innovation

Chen dunxiao, general manager of Dow paint materials business department

since joining Rohm and HAAs in 2005, Chen dunxiao has led the Southeast Asian business team to achieve steady growth in sales and profits. After Dow acquired Rohm and HAAs in 2009, Chen dunxiao became the market manager of North Asia and the general manager of North Asia in July 2010. He believes that the coating industry is entering a new stage of development. Dow paint materials business department actively conforms to the changes and development trends of the industry, and puts forward the slogan of "promoting tomorrow's paint industry innovation", which is reflected in the following four aspects

first, inspiration. Chen dunxiao said that inspiration is the core behind every success of Dow. "No matter where it comes from, our mission is to capture it sensitively, promote the development of the coating material industry, and meet the needs of the market and customers.". The interior wall coating bailimu tmab-100 finish varnish and invizipro technology exhibited by Dow not only make the coating products super stain resistant, easy to scrub, easy to repair, wear-resistant, water-resistant and other properties that all laboratories should strictly comply with the standard requirements, but also have a soft touch. Its R & D inspiration comes from the precise interpretation of the Asian interior wall coating market trend and consumer demand by Dow paint materials business department. Their excellent performance enables customers to become comfortable in this highly competitive market, which has been widely recognized by customers and end consumers

second, win-win cooperation. spirit (source: the continuation and development of lucintel's Lu Xintai sense requires the joint efforts of all parties. In Chen dunxiao's view, although Dow's business is to develop and produce coating materials, they pay more attention to solving the unsolved problems of customers and the industry, and cooperation is the only way to achieve this mission. He said, for example, when consumers are troubled by formaldehyde in the process of home decoration, Dow noticed this problem and began to cooperate with its customers In cooperation with households, we have developed a landmark formaldehyde elimination technology. This technology can not only remove the formaldehyde molecules of the paint itself, but also eliminate the formaldehyde in the air, creating a truly healthy, safe and green living environment for consumers. At present, this product from the R & D team of Dow, which has never stopped looking for new non-toxic materials, has been introduced to the international market, leading the new trend of the coating market

third, continuous innovation. Innovation has become part of Dow's overall architecture. In order to solve the solvent emission problem of paint and coating products, Dow actively develops sustainable water-based paint and coating products and promotes the market-oriented application of water-based products. Dow's wood coating application solution uses innovative waterborne polyurethane dispersions derived from renewable resources; The reflective water-based road marking paint solution extends the reflective life of the marking, is suitable for all kinds of road substrates, and has fast drying speed and is easier to construct. These solutions show the strong R & D and innovation strength of Dow paint materials business department

fourth, grow together. Growth is an important goal of Dow's development, and continuous investment in the Chinese market is a strong driving force for Dow's continuous growth. Following Chinese investment projects such as Zhangjiagang, Songjiang and Guangdong factories, Dow paint materials business department plans to invest an additional $25million for three projects in China: the expansion of Sanshui factory in Foshan, Guangdong Province, the investment in the new factory in Zhangjiagang and the preliminary planning of the new factory in Chengdu

Chen dunxiao said that from January to August this year, the sales growth level of Dow in China's paint market has exceeded the average growth rate of the market. At the same time, more than one third of the products sold by Dow paint materials business department in China in the past three years were developed in China. In the future, Dow will continue to increase its R & D and production investment in China

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