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The price of raw materials rises, and customized household products usher in the peak price rise

customized home furnishings are hot in 2017, with constant topics. The value obtained by dividing the load sensor capacity by the range value becomes the most numerous electrically in the experimental machine, and then can test more specific data. One month later, it still occupies the hot center of the home furnishing industry. In December 2017, a number of customization enterprises successively issued price increase notices, which attracted high attention from the market

according to statistics, in December last year alone, more than 20 customized home furnishing enterprises issued price increase letters. On December 1, guante placed a price pre adjustment notice with the dealer; On the 6th, the hydraulic source was used to supply high-pressure oil to the servo system, and a notification letter was issued; On the 7th, europay home issued a price increase notice; Haolaike followed suit and announced the price rise on the 9th

in many price increase letters, it is not difficult to find that the reasons for the price adjustment of customized home furnishings are almost the same. Taking europay home as an example, the price adjustment notice issued by the company states that due to the influence of national environmental protection policies and market regulation and other factors, the purchase price of raw materials in home manufacturing industry has increased significantly, and the purchase price of the company's products in 2018 is expected to increase by 10% to 15% year-on-year in 2017. In addition, if the order of europay mall in December 2017 does not meet the conditions for placing an order, it can be deducted in advance according to the estimated amount, and the new price will be officially implemented from January 1, 2018

since January 1 this year, China's environmental protection tax has been officially levied, and the pollution charge system, which has been implemented for nearly 40 years, has withdrawn from the stage, which is also China's first green tax. Environmental protection tax is levied from four aspects: air pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise. Air pollutants are charged at different levels ranging from 1.2 yuan to 12 yuan; Solid waste is charged 5 to 1000 yuan per ton according to different types; Water pollutants are charged from 1.4 yuan to 14 yuan per pollution equivalent value; The noise will be charged from 350 yuan to 11200 yuan per month according to the exceeding decibels. Judging from the current situation, the collection of environmental protection tax will indeed increase the manufacturing costs of some industries and enterprises in the short term, and then force relevant enterprises to transform and upgrade under environmental protection policies

affected by environmental protection policies, the prices of customized home related raw materials such as plates, hardware cartons, foam and glass have risen sharply, with an increase of about 5% to 12%. It is understood that the trend of China's timber price index also continued to rise in 2017, and the specific performance characteristics of the industry are as follows: it is expected that the price rise tide of the timber industry will continue in 2018

in fact, the news of price increases in the household industry in 2017 has not stopped. Sanitary ware enterprises have been "fighting" with prices throughout the year. In early February, the prices of raw materials such as copper, nickel and natural gas rose one after another, among which the price of base paper rose by nearly 4000 yuan to 5000 yuan/ton within one month, the price of copper hit a new high in recent two years, and the price of zinc oxide rose by nearly 5000 yuan/ton. Affected by this, domestic sanitary ware and surrounding industries such as electroplating and cast iron have seen a surge in prices, of which the electroplating unit price has increased by 20%, which is a large increase in electroplating costs since June 2014. In October, 4. The general and appearance requirements of the safety belt tension testing machine should fully comply with the relevant provisions of the general technical conditions for safety belt tension testing machine. The copper price has experienced two waves of jump again, with the average spot price of 53680 yuan/ton in the Yangtze River and 53390 yuan/ton in Guangdong; A number of cardboard and carton factories across the country have raised their ex factory prices, and the national prices have generally increased by 7% to 30%. Under the heavy pressure of costs, bathroom brand enterprises have successively issued price increase notices. At the same time, at the end of 2017, the price of precious metals soared all the way, and it is expected that bathroom, furniture, doors and windows, cabinets will usher in another wave of price boom

experts from Chuancai Securities said that customized home furnishing enterprises are currently facing difficulties in environmental protection policies, raw materials and markets, and the price rise can alleviate the cost crisis to a certain extent. Because of its own characteristics, the future development of customized home is still in the rising stage, and it is expected to continue to develop steadily in the future

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