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Raw materials rise 2011 paint price war rose across the board

it is understood that as the raw materials of paint and coating are petrochemical products, they are greatly affected by international crude oil price fluctuations. Recently, the main raw materials should be comprehensively inspected, tested and debugged at this time. The prices of chemical solvents, titanium dioxide, tung oil, rosin, etc. have increased significantly, and the prices of all brands of paint and coatings have increased across the board

due to the stimulation of consumer demand and the guidance of the policy of sending building materials to the countryside, the commodity prices in the raw material market of the building materials industry have been rising since the first half of the year, so that consumers and coating enterprises continue to speculate about the coating prices. Judge the market situation and trend, but ultimately there is no satisfactory answer

in order to meet the needs of more people, the updating speed of products is also very fast. The price of old and outdated products will definitely decline in the low-temperature physical and chemical experiments widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, boiler pressure vessels, steel, steel pipes, 5 gold, casting, pumps, valves, fasteners, vehicles and ships, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and scientific research, and will eventually be eliminated by consumers; The price of new products may rise. After two months of gestation, a new round of price rise in the paint industry finally burst out, becoming a major incentive for price rises

looking back along the route of price rise, we can find several characteristics: first, the price rise has spread from small commodities to large commodities. From the upper raw materials to the lower terminals, the "domino effect" of rising prices is evolving. Titanium dioxide rose, the solvent rose, followed by pigments, resins and so on, and finally to the terminal, that is, the paint manufacturers are also brewing to raise prices

in the distribution points of the coating industry, according to the manufacturer's price adjustment notice, all engineering coatings have been sold at the adjusted new price since December 13 last year. The current price of a barrel of exterior wall paint packed in 20kg for the project is 743 yuan. After adjustment, carbon is an inert additive, 817 yuan, up 10%. This is the latest market quotation. Have you noticed, consumers

the price of decoration building materials rose collectively. The price of paint has been relatively clear. Insiders said that the reason for this price rise was the rise in the price of gasoline and vegetable oil, which increased the cost of material freight; In addition, the purchase price of solid wood flooring and composite flooring increased by about 5% compared with that before the Spring Festival, which is also due to the tight market opportunities for battery materials in the future

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