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The supply of raw materials is tight, and the printing ink manufacturers complain incessantly.

recently, printing ink manufacturers all over the country have complained that the supply of raw materials is too tight. This is because the raw material manufacturers have greatly reduced their production capacity during the economic recession and weak market demand, but when the demand improves, they cannot meet the market demand. The tight supply of raw materials has led to a sharp rise in the cost of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles for doors and window frames gb/t 8814 ⑴ 998. In the past few months, they have been forced to raise prices several times to keep up with the rise in raw material prices

raw material prices rose sharply

according to Sun Chemical Company, a subsidiary of Greater Japan ink Chemical Industry Corporation (DIC), the price of rosin resin has increased by 75% since the beginning of this year, while it has increased by 300% compared with the same period last year. Rosin resin can be used to produce printing inks and pigment brighteners. Stimulated by the limited supply, the price of this material has risen sharply at present and will rise further in the future

rosin resins are mainly divided into three categories: gum rosin, floating oil rosin and hydrocarbon rosin. Among them, gum rosin mainly comes from gum trees, mainly produced in Brazil and China; Oil slick rosin can be obtained by fractionation of tall oil; Hydrocarbon rosin resins include aliphatic resins and aromatic resins. The raw materials of these resins come from naphtha cracking equipment. The sudden destruction of electronic universal testing machine is rare

Gary Reid, head of North America business of Arizona chemical company, a large American rosin resin manufacturer, pointed out that the strong growth in demand for rosin resin has led to a sharp rise in its price. The strong growth in China's domestic demand for rosin and the increase in labor costs have stimulated the price of rosin in China to rise from 600 to 900 in the past 18 to 24 months. These characteristics have made it widely used. The US dollar/ton has soared to 3200 US dollars/ton. The production capacity of hydrocarbon rosin resin is also very tight, because the unplanned shutdown of some ethylene plants earlier this year had an impact on the market

according to Sun Chemical Company, the prices of other raw materials of printing inks are also rising sharply. The prices of pigments have increased significantly since this year and are expected to rise further by 5% next year

raise prices to cope with increased costs

due to the shortage of raw materials, especially rosin resin and most pigments, Sun Chemical Company raised the price of cold set printing ink in the European market in October this year. Among them, the price of cold set color ink increased by 0.4 euros/kg, and the price of cold set black ink increased by 0.3 euros/kg. By the end of September this year, the company had raised the price of packaging ink in the U.S. market by 4% - 14%

also under the pressure of rising raw material prices, Flint ink company of the United States recently announced to increase the printing ink prices in Europe from January 1, 2011. Among them, the price of thermosetting ink increased by 0.45 euros/kg, the price of cold setting ink increased by 0.35 euros/kg, and the price of gravure printing ink for books and periodicals increased by 0.40 euros/kg. Bloeman, vice president of flint ink, said that the increase in ink prices could only partially make up for the increase in raw material costs this year

the supply shortage will continue.

ed Prut, chief purchasing officer of Sun Chemical Company, pointed out that the company's increase in product prices is still not enough to make up for the rising costs. Facing the challenge of tight supply of raw materials, the company had a hard time in 2010. For 2011, Prut expects that the tight supply of raw materials will be eased, but it will still exist

a senior vice president in charge of raw material procurement of flint ink company said that the shortage of raw materials may force ink manufacturers to change their product formulas

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