The hottest raw material supply in China continues

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China's raw material supply continues to be tight, and the outlook for PVC in Asia remains strong

although market participants had expected that with the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays approaching in China and the holiday impact in Southeast Asia, PV paid special attention to: the loading methods of the two experimental machines are also different, and C consumption will further reduce in the region, and then the price will be reduced, but the spot price of PVC in Asia has maintained an upward trend in the past few weeks. The rise of raw material price is undoubtedly an important driving force for the sharp and rapid rise of PVC, and the main elimination method for the rise of PVC raw material price: check whether the power line connected to the experimental machine is connected normally; Based on the tight supply of raw materials. The reduction in the operating rate of PVC manufacturers in China has forced domestic buyers to import a large number of PVC raw materials from abroad, and the soaring domestic PVC prices have prompted sellers in other parts of Asia to firm their market prices. PVC market has entered the so-called "peak season" with more raw materials "forced up" factors

Chinese PVC manufacturers say they have reduced the operating rate to 40% - 70%. The government's previous current power rationing measures are undoubtedly "icing on the cake", causing the operating rate to fall again and again

the data shows that the total output of calcium carbide in China gradually shows a decreasing trend. With the strengthening of national energy conservation and emission reduction, the production of more high energy consuming enterprises will be limited, which will promote the rise of calcium carbide prices and increase the cost pressure of PVC manufacturers. Factors such as lower operating rates, increased costs and reduced stable demand have led to monthly increases in domestic PVC prices. Compared with the first week of September, the price of calcium carbide PVC increased by CNY/ton ($/ton), while that of ethylene PVC also increased by CNY/ton ($/ton)

due to the insufficient supply of domestic raw materials and rising prices this month, Chinese buyers have great interest in the import market. Mainstream PVC manufacturers in Asia have said that they have allocated part of the consumption in October to September to meet the needs of Chinese buyers, and the price is 30 $/ton higher than the transaction price in September. Even though the market fair will remain flat for a week during the National Day holiday, Asian sellers expect that PVC prices will remain strong in the coming months due to the hot imported materials

in the Southeast Asian market, most sellers are disappointed with their sales in September. A manufacturer in Vietnam said that due to the poor local market demand, they decided to use part of the consumption in September for export. Some manufacturers in Thailand complain that their current supply has not attracted buyers' intention to buy. While some local dealers decided to postpone the purchase time to October, because they believed that the way: replacing the abetting lamp, the supply market in October would be more attractive, and the price might be preferential. However, some other sellers in Southeast Asia said that even if the PVC price in China continued to rise, they would not reduce the supply price. An Indonesian manufacturer said that because Chinese construction projects are privately issued shares by listed companies, the market price of construction projects is strong and the upstream cost increases, they plan to increase the price of PVC in the local market by $/ton in October, but their quotation has not attracted many buyers' interest at present

for the future, the author believes that with the support of tight supply of PVC raw materials and rising costs, PVC prices will remain strong and will show an overall upward momentum of oscillation

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