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Raw materials soared! Epoxy resin manufacturers have issued price increase letters

raw materials soared! Epoxy resin manufacturers have issued price increase letters

March 4, 2021

the Spring Festival has passed, and we are ushering in a bullish 2021. Affected by the cold wave in the United States, inflation, soaring oil prices, and other major environments, raw materials have soared, and the price increase letter is coming. The quotation rises every day! The recent upward trend is worrying

resin fired the first shot again! Whether it is epoxy resin or unsaturated resin, the price of coatings has increased significantly compared with that before the year. In terms of epoxy resin, the price of bisphenol A, the main raw material, has risen all the way. Affected by this, the price of epoxy resin is close to the high price of 30000/ton again (since the beginning of the year, the cumulative increase of epoxy resin has been close to 30%). In this context, supply is becoming increasingly tight. Many enterprises have raised prices and implemented a single negotiation notice. Among them, there are Zhenhe resin, Sanben chemical, American AOC company and other enterprises

On March 2, 2021, the United States will have a great impact on the experimental results. AOC announced that it will raise the prices of its full range of unsaturated resin products and epoxy vinyl resin products, involving EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, Africa). The specific increase is: unsaturated resin increased by 350 euros/ton; Epoxy vinyl ester resin rose 450 euros/ton

this rise is expected to be helpful to everyone. The price will take effect immediately for the steel with higher requirements, or it will be implemented according to the allowable terms of the contract. Moreover, this price increase measure is an addition to the price increase not long ago

on February 18, 2021, AOC announced that it would increase the price of all UPR product portfolios sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by 100 euros per ton, and increase the price of its entire vinyl oxide (VE) product portfolio by 150 euros per ton

the price increase will take effect for all newly delivered goods after February 1st, 2021 or within the scope allowed by the contract

according to the data, AOC company is a leading global supplier of professional resins and their solutions, helping customers develop and produce high-quality, diversified and strong vitality products, which are widely used in coatings and protection, color and visual effects, adhesives and professional chemicals, composite resins and other fields

Wacker chemical raised its price by 15%

on February 25, 2021, Wacker chemical (China) Co., Ltd. issued a notice of price increase. Due to the recent continuous rise in comprehensive production costs and other factors, the company decided that from now on, VINNAPAS ® Viagra ® The Ministry of industry and information technology organized a survey on the basic situation of China's lithium battery industry with the brand lotion, redispersible lotion powder and solid state, and the price of resin products increased by 15%

Zhenhe resin issued a product quotation and order period notice

on February 25, 2021, Dongguan Zhenhe Resin Technology Co., Ltd. issued a product quotation and order period notice. Based on the changes in the supply relationship of the global chemical raw material market, the price of domestic chemical products has increased significantly, coupled with the tight supply, the company has studied and decided that all previous quotations are invalid, and the quotation is only subject to the current price. Secondly, the order period is at least one week

Jiangsu Sanmu chemical industry: epoxy resin exceeded 30000 yuan

on February 24, 2021, Jiangsu Sanmu Chemical Co., Ltd. issued the notice of receiving orders for epoxy resin control. According to the current market situation of epoxy resin, the company has decided that from now on, epoxy resin will control orders and will not accept large orders. If the order is to be received, the ex factory net water telegraphic transfer shall not be less than 30500 yuan/ton, and the barreled transfer shall not be less than 31000 yuan/ton. At the same time, there shall be no arrears, emphasizing the full advance payment

Kunshan Sanwang resin and Anhui Sanwang chemical resin factory directly sent a price increase letter

Kunshan Sanwang resin and Anhui Sanwang chemical sent a letter, saying that due to the continuous rise of raw materials and even the shortage of goods recently, the production cost has increased sharply. After unanimous research, it was decided to increase the price of the whole series of products from February 23, with a range of yuan. Because the rise ranges of different products are different, the specific price is subject to the business notice

with the clarity of wind power demand after the year, the average price of epoxy resin in 2021 is expected to be higher than that in 2020, reaching a new high. Downstream enterprises should pay close attention to market trends and grasp the procurement rhythm in time

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