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Shanghai AIA electric group was selected as Shanghai Science and technology small giant enterprise

recently, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Economic Commission announced the list of Shanghai Science and technology small giant enterprises in 2010, and our company won (1) pin shaped sample Φ eight × 53 (effective length) for this honor, the funds funded by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission have been transferred to the company

the science and technology little giant project is an important part of Shanghai's science and technology innovation system. It was jointly launched by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Municipal Economic Commission in 2006 to analyze and select leaders, chasers, followers and new entrants in the market segment. Please re tension the tension wheel;, Find innovative small and medium-sized enterprises with good growth and independent intellectual property rights, give them subsidies, and continuously track the more prominent ones as demonstration enterprises, and give them subsidies that focus on and adults can control the operation intensity of the experimental machine

as a high-tech enterprise and patent pilot enterprise in Shanghai, Shanghai AIA electric (Group) Co., Ltd. has always been driven by innovation, constantly adhered to technological innovation, increased R & D investment, established strategic cooperation with overseas scientific research institutions, built a technological innovation platform, and established a domestic first-class product R & D center, mold center, and testing center. It has introduced internationally advanced automatic production equipment, inspection equipment that can be used for 10 years, and cultivated a number of professional technical teams. The main products include switching power supply, PLC photoelectric relay module, analog signal isolator, transmitter, explosion-proof barrier, anti surge (lightning protection), button, signal lamp, power factor compensator, overvoltage protection, interface module, wiring terminal, busbar, terminal and tools, etc. there are 39 series and tens of thousands of varieties and specifications. It is widely used in nuclear power industry, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, railway and other fields, and plays an increasingly important role in the Olympic venues, Qinshan nuclear power station, Beijing Guangzhou railway, Beijing Zhengzhou railway, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Beijing subway, Shanghai Jinmao building, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Three Gorges project, Shengli oil field, Sinopec and other key projects at home and abroad

the mission of the company is to provide customers with excellent electrical products and technical services. AIA takes customers as the center and pursues excellence in products and services. Excellence is to meet the actual and potential needs of customers with high-quality products, and extend from product quality to work style and technical service, with meticulous manufacturing and sincere service, so as to achieve user confidence and joy

Shanghai AIA (Group) Co., Ltd. aims to build an internationally advanced electrical manufacturing base, accurately grasp the development trend of the world economy, take building an internationally competitive advanced electrical manufacturing base as its vision, and strive to realize the internationalization of AIA brand

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