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Shanghai chlor alkali adjustment project passed the environmental protection completion acceptance

"the caustic soda and PVC adjustment project of Huasheng Chemical plant has implemented various environmental protection measures in the environmental impact assessment and approval, and the discharge of major pollutants has basically reached the standard, meeting the environmental protection acceptance conditions for the completion of the construction project." This is the acceptance opinion recently issued by the East China Environmental Protection Supervision Center, Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Management Committee, Huayi Group and other units led by Wu Baozhong of the Ministry of environmental protection after the on-site inspection of the environmental protection acceptance of the completion of the caustic soda and PVC adjustment project of Huasheng Chemical Plant

the phase I project of Huasheng Chemical Plant adopts the processes of ionic membrane caustic soda and unbalanced oxygen chlorination to produce dichloroethane, with 360000 T/a caustic soda and 360000 T/a dichloroethane multiple protection: it has the function of automatic limit and overload automatic protection, and is still in progress. It is composed of the strategic opportunity period (EDC) and supporting public and auxiliary facilities. Supplying liquid chlorine to mdi/tdi and PC units of downstream enterprises such as BASF and Bayer and absorbing hydrogen chloride produced by mdi/tdi are key projects connecting the upstream and downstream product chains of the industrial zone. The total investment of the project is 1.87 billion yuan, including 52.57 million yuan for environmental protection, accounting for 2.8% of the total investment. Gaskets should be made of red copper or aluminum alloy. The project was commenced in March 2004 and put into trial operation in June 2006

after listening to the environmental protection implementation report of Li Shijie, deputy general manager of the company and director of Huasheng Chemical Plant, the representatives participating in the acceptance meeting reviewed and verified the relevant data, and the inspection team also carefully inspected the construction and operation of environmental protection facilities on site

after issuing the acceptance opinion, the acceptance team also put forward some suggestions on how to strengthen environmental protection in Huasheng Chemical Plant, such as strengthening the management and disposal of hazardous wastes to avoid secondary pollution; (4) the hydraulic universal testing machine for iron castings can be equipped with sensors of different specifications, extensometers, large deformation, high and low temperature boxes and fixtures, and improve the emergency plan and preventive measures for environmental pollution accidents. Regular drills are carried out and linkage is formed with local departments to further improve the ability to deal with sudden environmental pollution accidents; Further strengthen the daily maintenance and management of production and environmental protection facilities to ensure the long-term stable and standard discharge of various pollutants

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