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Shanghai Bell Information Computer Classroom project arrives in Yueyang again. For the smiling faces of children,

continue to promote the implementation of science and technology education and broadband in rural areas, so that more people can benefit from it.

a computer changes a child, and a computer classroom lights up a township. From December 14 to December 17, Shanghai Bell, together with Hunan Yueyang Branch of China Telecom Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Yueyang Telecom), Shanghai Science Popularization Education Development Foundation and Shanghai Zhonggu public welfare, donated information-based computer classrooms for Shuangjiang middle school in Wengjiang Town, Pingjiang County, Yueyang and Jianhua school in Yushan Town, Huarong County, Yueyang through the love transmission, Yueyang Telecom Shanghai Bell information-based computer classroom project, This has fundamentally changed the situation that these two schools are poor in science and technology education, and the particle diameter is mainly 1 (1) 0 microns, so as to promote the implementation of broadband villages with practical actions. Wu Jingwen, Deputy Secretary General of Yueyang Municipal Party committee, Zhou Huguang, deputy county head of Pingjiang County, Wan Jianxiang, deputy general manager of Yueyang Telecom, Fu Chuanjian, deputy general manager of Yueyang Telecom, Lu Qiong, mayor of Yushan Town, Jiang Jie, general manager of Shanghai Bell Hunan Branch, and others attended the donation ceremony held in the two schools respectively

Shuangjiang middle school in Wengjiang Town, Pingjiang County, Yueyang and Jianhua school in Yushan Town, Huarong County, Yueyang are located in rural areas, which are relatively backward in information construction and application. The computer in the broadcasting room of Shuangjiang middle school in Wengjiang Town, Pingjiang County, Yueyang is still using the CRT monitor long ago, which is also the only computer in the school. After arriving at Jianhua school in Yushan Town, Huarong County, Yueyang, volunteers found that the school did not have the equipment and conditions required to set up a local area, which set up a lot of obstacles for setting up computer classrooms on time and on demand. The emergency coordination and standardization group, through the strong assistance of Yueying's regular power on and power on, and the Huarong branch of yangtelecom, the volunteers worked out the emergency plan and main division of labor on site. It took only a few hours for the event to emerge from scratch, and built a usable and easy-to-use computer teaching room with standardized operation. At the same time, using colorful team games and a theme class meeting that combines teaching with fun, in the computer class carefully prepared by volunteers, the children of the two schools learned a lot of computer knowledge and scientific and technological theories by playing and learning. Computers have formed an invisible link between children and volunteers, connecting everyone's hearts through Yueyang Telecom Shanghai Bell information computer classroom

this love transmission, the Yueyang Telecom Shanghai Bell Information Computer Classroom project coincides with the 30th International Volunteer Day. The projects are Shuangjiang middle school in Wengjiang Town, Pingjiang County, Yueyang, and Jianhua school in Yushan Town, Huarong County, Yueyang. A Yueyang Telecom Shanghai Bell information computer classroom has been built respectively, and more than 50 standard regenerated and high-performance notebook computers have been configured. Yueyang Telecom provides two years of free broadband access services. At the same time, volunteers who came from afar also actively prepared rich computer courses and thematic class meetings to impart knowledge and experience in a fun based way

for a long time, Shanghai Bell has been working hard to promote the development and popularization of information technology and network, so that more people can benefit from it. This is also one of the important goals of love transmission, Shanghai Bell Information Computer Classroom project. So far, this project has been held for five consecutive sessions, covering more than 20 rural schools and urban migrant workers' schools in more than 10 provinces and cities, including Hunan, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Gansu, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Beijing and Tibet, with a total journey of tens of thousands of kilometers. By the end of 2014, Shanghai Bell had donated more than 1000 computers and invested more than 600000 yuan, benefiting tens of thousands of teachers and students. In addition, there are more than 110 employees of Shanghai Bell. At the same time, the processing and manufacturing of auto parts has become easier. Many resources have participated in the volunteer activities of the project, giving students computer classes, carrying out outreach activities, etc., and contributing 6600 hours of volunteer service. The highest elevation of China in Tibet is 100 mm × The 100 mm information computer classroom was born in this project. Through this project, Shanghai Bell is committed to narrowing the digital divide in poor areas and supporting the development of domestic information education. By donating old computers and other electronic equipment in installments and batches, and Strictly Standardizing the form of regeneration by environmental protection agencies, Shanghai Bell has fulfilled its environmental protection commitment

Hu Jian, senior vice president of Shanghai Bell, said: Science and technology is one of the important driving forces of current social development. Shanghai Bell is determined to gather more and more social forces in the public welfare platform of Shanghai Bell model through long-term unremitting efforts and persistence, jointly expand the depth and breadth of China's information society process, and make contributions to the cultivation of the next generation

about Shanghai Bell

as China's first foreign-invested joint-stock company, Shanghai Bell is not only directly subordinate to the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, but also Alcatel Lucent's flagship company in China, with strong local strength and extensive global resources. The company provides end-to-end information and communication solutions and high-quality services for operators, enterprises and industry customers. Its products cover wired and wireless solutions, optical access solutions, end-to-end LTE solutions, optical networks, IP networks, network cores and applications, network management and services and many other fields. Shanghai Bell has Bell Labs' China Research Center and several important global R & D centers, which can fully access Alcatel Lucent's global technology library, develop original technologies that serve Chinese and Alcatel Lucent's global customers, and play a leading role in the development of many new technologies. The company has a production and manufacturing platform with advanced technology and world-class manufacturing capacity, and its sales service network covers more than 50 countries nationwide and overseas. In 2012, Shanghai Bell successfully completed the acquisition of RFs radio frequency system business, entering a new era of expanding global business. Shanghai Bell has become the flagship of Alcatel lucent worldwide, which integrates R & D, industrialized supply chain and information technology service center

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