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Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is beginning to show its world-class strength. 90% of the enterprises have been put into production for more than 6 years, and have completed a total fixed asset investment of 55.5 billion yuan. A youngest world-class chemical industry park can be exported to Shanghai by amplification, filtering and other processing. By the end of last month, the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park had attracted 9.8 billion US dollars of investment, and the goal of attracting 10 billion US dollars of investment within this year is in sight. This year, the sales revenue in the park will exceed 50billion yuan, an increase of 40% over the previous year. The universal metal material testing machine should meet the following requirements: ① reach the accuracy of level 1 or above of the testing machine verification; ② With loading and speed regulation device; ③ There are data recording or display devices; ④ The Metrology Department will regularly verify the above products, and initially expand its product series to show the strength of the world's first-class chemical industry zone

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, located on the Bank of Hangzhou Bay, has become the focus of global petrochemical industry giants in recent years. So far, the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has attracted a total investment of nearly US $8billion in large foreign projects. World famous multinational chemical enterprises such as BP in the UK, BASF in Germany, Bayer, Degussa and huntsman in the United States have rushed to settle in. Public engineering companies such as Fubao in the Netherlands, Air Liquide in France and praxis in the United States have also come to camp. Sinopec, Sinopec, Gaohua Huayi and other large-scale domestic chemical backbone enterprises have also set up branches in the park. In the first four months of this year alone, the total investment of the projects approved by Shanghai Chemical Industry Park reached more than US $400 million. A number of important projects such as 3M company, Dow Chemical epoxy products, INVISTA and Bailian oil tank of Shanghai fuel company came one after another. According to this investment attraction, a breakthrough of US $10billion can be expected

at present, there are 68 Chinese and foreign enterprises registered in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, of which 63 have been put into production and operation, with an operation rate of 92.6%. It is estimated that the sales revenue of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park will exceed 50billion yuan for the first time this year and reach 100billion yuan by 2010. At present, the investment density per unit area of projects built in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has reached 14.38 billion yuan per square kilometer, and the unit land output rate is 8.032 billion yuan per square kilometer. As one of the first batch of circular economy demonstration zones in China, the energy consumption per 10000 yuan output value of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is only 0.3 tons of standard coal, about one quarter of the energy consumption of the output value of the national petrochemical industry. With the proposed 10million tons of oil refining and 1million tons of ethylene as the starting point, the second phase development and construction of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park will give full play to the agglomeration effect of petrochemical industry, make great strides towards a world-class petrochemical base with international competitiveness, strengthen basic research and system construction, and become a new industrial highlight in accelerating the construction of "four centers" in Shanghai

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