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Bazhou's quantitatively packaged goods are mixed

recently, the Bureau of quality supervision of the autonomous region notified the special spot check of quantitatively packaged goods, such as net content measurement, organized and carried out throughout the region last October. According to the notification, Bazhou's quantitatively packaged goods are mixed. Although the passing rate of spot check is 11 percentage points lower than the average level of Xinjiang, only 72%, the passing rate of sampling has increased significantly, nearly twice as much as that of 2005

in order to strengthen measurement supervision, crack down on the illegal acts of falsification, fraud and entrapment of consumers in the net content of quantitatively packaged goods, promote enterprises to improve measurement assurance ability, maintain market order, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In October, 2006, the Quality Supervision Bureau of the autonomous region organized a special spot check on the net content of five types of quantitatively packaged goods, such as flour, edible oil, milk, yogurt and purified water. Among the 459 batches of quantitatively packaged goods produced by 336 enterprises with a quantitative weight of 30kg in Xinjiang, 383 batches were qualified, and the sampling qualification rate was 83%. In this special spot check, the lowest qualification rate is only 25%. There are 46 enterprises in Bazhou, and 46 batches of flour, milk, purified water and other three types of quantitatively packaged goods have been spot checked, with a sampling pass rate of 72%

the quality supervision department pointed out after analyzing the reasons why the low qualification rate can be caused by making the indicated value within 5 ‰ of the actual value: first, more than 90% of the quantitative packaging commodity production enterprises are small enterprises. In addition, some enterprises have poor measurement awareness, low investment in measurement control, obsolete and backward quantitative packaging (filling) equipment, and do not carry out verification in time, and lack of necessary measurement monitoring measures, resulting in the quantity of commodities exceeding the national allowable range; Second, some quantitatively packaged goods, such as flour, which is easy to lose water, and purified water, which is deformed due to the heating of the bucket during filling, are also one of the factors that cause the net content of goods to be out of tolerance and the low qualification rate

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