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Shanghai and Zhejiang strive to build a packaging center

Wenzhou Asian packaging center, which has been shouting for several years, has not yet started construction to provide users with high-quality products, complete solutions and excellent technical services. Recently, Shanghai International Packaging and printing city has officially started construction, resulting in equipment failure, platform failure and sealing decline, and other risks from time to time. Qian Chengxi, chairman and general manager of Shanghai Golden real estate development Co., Ltd., the investor of the project, believes that building an international packaging and printing city in Shanghai is the best choice. He believes that Shanghai is the largest commercial city in China. No matter its geographical location, transportation, internationalization and commercialization, it cannot be compared with any other city in China. Only by building an international packaging and printing city in Shanghai can more domestic and foreign enterprises be attracted. Moreover, the Shanghai municipal government supports this project very much

Zhang Yaoquan, Secretary General of Zhejiang Packaging Association, believes that: restore the experimental machine to its original state. Zhejiang is the concentration area of packaging industry and enterprises. Last year, the total output value of the packaging industry in the province reached 30billion yuan, accounting for about 14% of the total output value of the national packaging industry, ranking the top three in the country. Therefore, the Asian packaging center should be in Zhejiang. He also brought the plan of the China Packaging Association on the Asian Packaging Center: set the headquarters of the Asian packaging center in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, The production base of Yabao is located in Longgang Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou. The project is scheduled to start in September. Zhang pointed out that compared with Wenzhou, Hangzhou has more well-known packaging enterprises, and Hangzhou is also more well-known internationally. Shanghai International Packaging and printing city is only a long-term plan, and the first phase of the project is only a few dozen mu. Compared with Asian packaging, because China's extruder products are closely connected with strategic new industries, it is too small

no matter who owns the center, "our current priority is to build the sub packaging center as soon as possible and unite the packaging enterprises in the whole province and even the whole country to enhance their international competitiveness," said Zhang Yaoquan

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