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Shanghai Aodong realizes the combination of papermaking technology and anti-counterfeiting technology

the environmental protection anti-counterfeiting order independently developed by Shanghai Aodong anti-counterfeiting packaging materials Co., Ltd. is to carry out pseudo aluminized packaging materials from high to low, including transfer (holographic) paper, safety line transfer (holographic) paper, direct plating (holographic) paper, and transfer (holographic) film. In 2006, it was determined as a high-tech achievement transformation project in Shanghai. This product adopts papermaking, holographic molding, vacuum coating, paper compounding, so as to promote the development and transfer process and technology of wood plastic composites, wallboards and other building plastic products. It organically combines papermaking technology with more than two anti-counterfeiting technologies to form an environmental friendly anti-counterfeiting aluminum-plated packaging material. Through printing, it can be made into various high-end packaging boxes and certificates connected through interconnection and IOT. This product not only meets the technical trends of the times

and the market demand for anti-counterfeiting packaging and printing, but also meets the requirements of today's country and Society for environmental protection. It is innovative and practical

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