Sorixxf clamp for fan blade production is launched

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Langte launched the sandwich material Soric xxf for the production of wind turbine blades

Langte composite company's elastic sandwich material Soric series has added new products: Soric xxf is the best choice for manufacturing wind turbine blades

soric is a polyester non-woven material with pressure resistant honeycomb structure. In the process of vacuum assisted composite manufacturing, this pressure stable elastic thin sandwich material can be used for interlayer flow medium. In the pouring process, Soric xxf is easy to handle and the reinforcement can be soaked well. With flexible and diverse control methods, Soric xxf is composed of non-woven polyester fiber and particles, which will reduce the density of the pouring layer and resin consumption. In addition,

according to langtec (4), pull the loading handle, apply the main experimental force, and the large pointer of the instigator rotates counterclockwise; The company introduced that compared with the traditional solution, using Soric xxf to manufacture blades has faster cycle time, saves resin, reduces material costs, and reduces weight by 50%

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